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IGS HCMC – Excellent German school abroad

Posted on25 May 2024

The International German School in Ho Chi Minh City (IGS) has passed the Bund-Länder Inspection (BLI) with flying colors, impressing with its outstanding learning environment, which is conducive to both academic and social development for its students. The inspection results highlight the exceptional quality of instruction, the dedication of the teachers, and the innovative school development.
The inspectors were particularly impressed by the open learning landscapes in the STEM areas (Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Technology) as well as in the primary school, which are considered the school’s flagship projects. These modern learning environments not only foster the students’ enthusiasm for science and technology, but also enable cooperative learning arrangements that enhance teamwork and critical thinking.
Another highlight of the inspection was the high level of German language proficiency among the students. Particularly in the primary school section, the German ds is taught and used to a very high standard. The teachers do remarkable work here, imparting not only language skills but also a deep cultural understanding to the students.
The excellent work of the teaching staff was also acknowledged. The teachers at IGS are distinguished by their high level of expertise and their dedicated approach to teaching. Their tireless commitment and innovative teaching methods significantly contribute to the supportive learning environment that prevails at the school.
The work of the school leadership team was especially positively highlighted in the inspection reports. Through effective teamwork and active developmental efforts, the school leadership succeeds in continuously implementing improvements and leading the school with a progressive outlook. This collective effort is reflected in the high quality of daily school life and the strategic orientation of the IGS.
Another important aspect praised by the inspectors is the future-oriented media education, which is firmly embedded in the school culture. The students are trained in the use of modern technologies, which prepares them well for the demands of the digital world.
The successful Bund-Länder Inspection confirms the high quality of the International German School in Ho Chi Minh City and underscores its commitment to excellent education and holistic student development. The IGS will continue to work on strengthening its position as a leading educational institution in the region and supporting its students in their educational journey to the best of its ability.

Sirens in the schoolyard

Posted on24 May 2024

This week there was a special surprise for the children from House G: the ambulance came! But don’t worry, no one was hurt. The Family Medical team came to our youngest children as part of the “Professions” project and showed us how the ambulance works, what it contains and what happens when it is called. The children from House D were also able to take a look inside the car. Afterwards, Dr. Linh showed the explorers how patients are examined and talked about his everyday life as a doctor.
We would like to thank you very much for this great morning!

Stories of pilots and pirates

Posted on24 May 2024

There was a lot going on in the U6 area last week! In House G, airplanes were built and the profession of pilot was explored in detail. On Friday the planes finally took off. After the call, “Crew, get ready for takeoff!” the explorers flew their planes through the entire school. While the turbines in one house were still being checked, the anchors in house D had already been hauled in. The resourceful researchers became pirates and hijacked the previously built ship. Cannon shots were fired and the corner of the building was retaken. 
What a start to the weekend!

IB exams and graduation party

Posted on22 May 2024

This year too, the graduating class of the IGS took part in the examinations of the International Baccalaureate Organization. The four-week examination phase came to an end last week. During this intensive time, our students did their best to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they had acquired in the IB upper school. Now all that remains is to wait until the results are published on July 6, 2024. We are keeping our fingers crossed for our students for excellent results.
The focus is now on the graduation ceremony on June 1, 2024, which will be themed “The Oscars”. We look forward to celebrating the end of this important phase of life at the school and the beginning of the next one together with the students and their families.
With the GIB/IB diploma, our students have fulfilled excellent prerequisites for a fulfilling life and an international career.

Art mural

Posted on18 May 2024

We are thrilled to present our new mural in collaboration with Canadian artist and muralist, Ilana Pichon, and our Class 4 students.
This mural features 7 colourful compositions on the wall, each of which frames the representation of a container with an open neck, and graphic shapes on the outside of its walls.
These shapes come from a workshop that Ilana hosted with the children, where everyone was free to create using coloured paper and a pair of scissors.
We began by reflecting on what represents our origins and what the children associate with German identity.
Our students have varied roots and come from many different cultures and communities. Using a simple graphic language that everyone can understand, Ilana wanted to represent this variety in the mural.
The seven shared colours, inverted throughout the elements of the mural, show that knowledge is something to be shared. She also wanted to emphasise the fact that children grow, learn and acquire future qualities and skills that can be added to the container they represent.
We have greatly enjoyed hosting and working with Ilana over these past few weeks and are so grateful to her for her hard work and dedication. During their lessons, and sometimes their break periods, the students have been eager to assist her in painting the mural, and now we have this lasting memory of a wonderful experience.

Parents’ evening for jellyfish

Posted on17 May 2024

The school year is slowly coming to an end. This means that a big milestone is approaching for our school starters – starting school.
In order to prepare parents for this important phase of their child’s life, a parents’ evening took place on Thursday. The parents were welcomed with a small champagne reception and then invited into the current Class One classroom. Here they not only received all the important information for the first school year, but were also able to become active themselves on our so-called “letter path”, slip into the role of their children and get to know the “A” with all their senses. At the end, fortified with a small snack, they designed their child’s school cone according to German tradition.
We are very excited and are looking forward to welcoming our little Jellyfish in the summer!

Model building

Posted on16 May 2024

In the natural sciences learning environments of Class 5 and 6, students had the opportunity to demonstrate their craftsmanship. Using toothpicks, wooden sticks, and clay, they were tasked with creating a structural model of a muscle. Surely, some might wonder how this is to be accomplished. The muscle is a true marvel of nature, composed of numerous bundles of muscle fibers, each containing up to 12 fibers. Each of these fibers is a small but powerful motor that enables us to move.

Sleepover Class 2

Posted on11 May 2024

Last Thursday,  the long-awaited overnight stay took place in the library. Everyone was very excited and full of anticipation. 
First, football games and board games were played. After the delicious pizza, everyone set up camp and slowly got ready for the night. We borrowed books from the library and browsed through them a bit. 
At 9 a.m. all the children lay on their mats and we looked at the starry sky. We went on a dream trip so that everyone could slowly find peace after all the excitement. One or two children still had something to say, but, in the end, even the last whispers slowly died down. 
The next morning we were awake at 5 a.m. and started the day with books. After slowly waking up, all the children tidied up their sleeping clothes and got ready school day. A shared breakfast gave us the energy we needed for the new school day.

Girls’ soccer match

Posted on08 May 2024

Germany Against France – a true classic!
A match that we may be able to marvel at in our own country in a few weeks at the European Football Championships took place last Saturday between the students of our IGS and those of the Lycée Français International Marguerite Duras. Both teams were highly motivated and were cheered on by numerous supporters – no wonder, for such a match! It was to be a real goal festival, with the French girls ultimately proving to be more accurate. The final score was  11:5.
The IGS, however, is not giving up so easily and is already preparing for revenge.

Bookface Challenge-Projekt

Posted on08 May 2024

On the occasion of World Book Day which is celebrated on April 23rd every year.Our students from class 6 to 11 had completed a project “Bookface Challenge” during their library hours.
Here is how to take this challenge: The library is a great place to start!
The student will align their face or body so that it matches up seamlessly with the image on a book cover and then take a picture of the resulting mashup.
We wanted to promote the enjoyment of books and reading for our students, as they also had so much fun and were incredibly creative to take the pictures through this project.
Let’s take a look at some favourite pictures from our students!

From marine engineers and other professions

Posted on07 May 2024

The U6 pupils are currently exploring the topic of “careers” which is being worked on in all groups. The children learn what a career is and what their parents actually do all day when they are “at work”. We also find out what one can do when one grows up. While the children in House G are researching different careers and will learn in the coming week what you need to be able to do as a cook, the children of the Resourceful Researchers have already dived into other areas: here we are particularly interested in any career that involves building vehicles. We are building a ship ourselves out of large cardboard boxes and are wondering how many different skilled workers it actually takes before you can go to sea. We can already say that you need a lot of clever children’s minds for such a big cardboard ship!

Announcement of the Federal Inspection

Posted on07 May 2024

The IGS is pleased to announce the upcoming Federal Inspection (BLI) from May 20th to 24th. As a school actively dedicated to the development and enhancement of quality, we welcome not only the expertise of our team but also the external support from the team at the Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA). This inspection will provide us with important insights and valuable feedback for our school development.
Planned activities include classroom visits as well as interviews with students, teachers, and parents. On the final day of inspection, there will be a joint conclusion with the entire team, process facilitators, and the inspection team. We eagerly anticipate this opportunity and look forward to the insights that will help us further advance our educational goals.

Excursion to the Cat Café

Posted on27 Apr 2024

Last Friday 19th April, the Grade 6 students accompanied by Ms Hughes and Ms Pienaar, went on an outing to the Kin Neko Cat Café in Thảo Điền. They have been studying the Cat Poems by TS Eliot in their English lessons and the outing was to add a richness to their experience of the poems. We enthusiastically set off on the bus after breakfast. It was a very special outing and the children loved stroking the cats. It was heartwarming to see how peaceful and calm the children were. They were gentle when petting the cats and enjoyed playing with the more adventurous cats. Five happy children returned to school in time for lunch. After lunch they had their Art lesson and there the experience was further enhanced with creative activities. The children used clay to model cats looking at the photos taken at the Cat Café. A lovely time was had by everyone. 

Kangaroo Competition

Posted on27 Apr 2024

This year our students in grades 3 to 10 also took part in the annual kangaroo competition on April 19th. They were able to demonstrate their knowledge and logical thinking in the mathematical multiple choice test. Around 6 million participants in around 100 countries worldwide simultaneously wrote the exam competition in schools under supervision. This event is intended to support mathematical education in schools, to encourage people to enjoy working with mathematics and to promote independent work and work in class by offering interesting tasks. The evaluation will take place at the end of June and we look forward to the results of the competition.

University fair

Posted on26 Apr 2024

On April 12th, 2024, classes 9 to 11 attended a vibrant and informative university fair, welcoming representatives from 63 prestigious universities across the globe. This event provided an invaluable platform for students to explore their higher education options and connect with renowned institutions. 
The fair bustled with activity as students eagerly engaged with university representatives, seeking guidance on admissions procedures, program offerings, scholarships, and campus life. 
Universities from countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and many others participated, offering students a truly international perspective. From STEM fields like engineering and computer science to humanities and social sciences, the fair showcased a wide spectrum of academic programs, catering to a variety of student interests. University representatives provided personalised advice and insights, helping students navigate the complexities of the application process and choose the best-fit institution. Furthermore, information on scholarships and financial aid options was readily available, enabling students to explore funding possibilities and make informed decisions. 
The event epitomised a commitment to supporting students in achieving their academic aspirations and preparing them for global success.

Diercke Geo Web Competition: Michael, 3rd Place Worldwide

Posted on21 Apr 2024

Dear Parents,
We are excited to share with you an engaging update from our school! Recently, we participated enthusiastically in the international „Diercke” knowledge-competition, joined by a total of 35 international schools with 3600 students.
The competition focused primarily on geographical general knowledge of our students. It was an exciting challenge that not only contributed to each participant’s personal development, but also showcased our school on an international platform.
Multiple grade levels were involved in the competition. Initially, class-level contests were held to identify the top performers in each class. These talented students then competed against each other to determine the best representatives of our school.
We are proud to announce that Vo, Thanh Tien (Michael) from Class 9 achieved an outstanding 3rd place in this challenging competition! We congratulate Michael on this remarkable success and are thrilled by his achievement.
We thank all participants for their dedication and enthusiasm during this competition. Events like these enrich our school life, and we look forward to upcoming activities that will continue to inspire and challenge our students.
Warm regards,

Celebration German Language Diploma

Posted on18 Apr 2024

Finally done – The German Language Diploma II
The students from Classes 10 and 11 had to wait a long time for the results of the DSD II exam from last November. In order to attend a German university, prospective students need proof of German language proficiency. You can acquire this at the IGS by taking the first step in middle school and completing the DSD I and then taking the DSD II exam as  the second step. The competence areas of listening, writing, reading and oral communication are examined.
We are proud to announce today that all of our learners have passed the exam and can demonstrate a C1, i.e. a native German level. Wow! Congratulations on achieving this success.

Gardening in the Primary

Posted on18 Apr 2024

Last Friday, the primary school pupils went on an exciting trip to Rosemary Hill Farm. Once there, the students explored the farm and the task areas in two groups. 
While one group enjoyed a tour of the farm and picked vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, chilies and eggplants, the second group had the opportunity to show off their green fingers. They were given materials to plant their own vegetable crops. 
Then, each group had a chance to do what the other had done by exchanging places so that all children could enjoy and experience all aspects of the trip. Of course, a break was also an important requirement, during which the children were given fresh juice and could fortify themselves with a delicious snack before continuing to explore the farm.
It was an excellent opportunity for our students to experience nature, learn about new things and deepen their connection to the environment.


Posted on12 Apr 2024

How can I be mindful of myself and my world?
On Tuesday, April 9th, classes 8-11 had the opportunity to get to know a German-Vietnamese author from Frankfurt. Main Huong Nguyen visited the IGS to read from her recently published book “One with Everything”. She also supplemented her ideas with interactive exercises. Our students carefully looked at a raisin, listened intently to the speeches of their fellow human beings and did some meditation exercises. They remained true to the motto “Give yourself what your body needs at the moment.”
We are very grateful that we got a little insight into the world of psychology and mindfulness philosophy and hope that Ms. Nguyen will visit the IGS again in the future!

Soccer game IGS vs. AA ISHCMC

Posted on12 Apr 2024

“Only a few minutes left to play. An outstanding pass from captain Minh to winger An, who has the free opportunity to shoot. The ball flies towards the goal, but the goalkeeper parries!” Unfortunately, despite strong combinations from our IGS Selection last Wednesday, there was no getting past him or the defense, and so the game ended with a narrow 0-1 defeat. 
However, the result was rather irrelevant. The first game against our neighboring school, the American Academy, should pave the way for further competitions between our two schools. The sporting departments hope that we will not only play more football games against each other in the future, but also compete in other sports. This is a great way to strengthen the connection between our schools, but also to promote relationships between students. 
We are looking forward to it!

Hopping bunnies for Easter

Posted on12 Apr 2024

This year too, the children and parents of the U6 area celebrated Easter together. While eggs were being searched for in the Discovery House, an Easter rally was taking place in the Research House – because the Easter bunny had come up with a very special challenge to find the missing Easter nests. With sack races and egg runs, a carrot hunt and Hans the hopping bunny, there were many exciting tasks that children and parents completed together. At the end, not only did the Easter baskets appear again, but also a buffet organized by the parents. 
Everyone enjoyed the end of the Easter afternoon together particularly well.


Posted on11 Apr 2024

The mole leads the explorers through different habitats
There’s been a lot going on in the Discovery House in the last few weeks, because we were able to accompany the mole on his journey through the different habitats!
First we went into the depths of the sea, where we marveled at the underwater animals and accompanied the fish, Swimmy, on his search for friends.
We looked around the jungle very carefully to see which animals could be found there and which of them also live in a forest.
The last flight with the mole was into the desert. We asked ourselves how the animals there manage to survive in a habitat with very little water and high heat. As a highlight, we built ourselves a desert tent, played in it and even slept there.

Sleepover at school with Class 4

Posted on28 Mar 2024

Written by Cici and Theo from class 4
A reading night took place in Class 4 on Friday 22 March and continued until Saturday 23 March 2024.
At the beginning, the children played tag outside in the dark and, of course, many boys also wanted to play football. Luckily, almost all the children had torches with them! Then they went into the classroom. There they romped around and ate snacks. This was followed by a pillow fight in which the girls and boys threw pillows at each other. Eventually they made peace after all the ruckus, with the girls sharing their snacks with the boys.
For dinner we had pizza, which was organized by the parents’ representatives and for which we would like to thank them on behalf of Class 4. At 10:00 o’clock it was time for bed-time.  But this rest did not last long. 😊 The children got up at 4.00 am and started partying. Many children played cards. When the teachers woke up too, the pupils prepared their own breakfast. By 10.00 a.m. the reading night was already over. We hope to experience such an adventure again soon!

Pottery class 3

Posted on28 Mar 2024

Class 3 made their way to the “Spin & Gogh” pottery this week. There, the children were allowed to make individualised cups step by step under the guidance of the staff. 
They then decorated and designed them to their own liking and finally painted them.
Small name tags were also made, which will serve as a classroom decoration and a reminder of the visit. 
We can’t wait to see the artistic results!


International Day: A Celebration of Diversity

Posted on28 Mar 2024

The International German School held its International Day celebration today, 28th March. The event, which was open to students from classe 1 to 10, was a vibrant display of the school’s diverse student body.
There were booths representing countries from all over the globe, including China, Indonesia, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and Australia, to name a few.
At each booth, students could learn about the country’s history, geography, and culture. The International Day celebration was a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about different cultures and traditions. It was also a chance for students to come together and celebrate their diversity.

Round of IJSO

Posted on28 Mar 2024

Three talented Class Nine students have once again demonstrated their exceptional skills by advancing to the third round of the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO).
Reaching the third round shows the students’ remarkable commitment and scientific curiosity.
The success at the IJSO is a clear sign of the effectiveness of MINT education at the IGS and motivates the entire school community to further strengthen the focus on the natural sciences. The students involved are now being supported to prepare intensively for the next round. This will be held as an exam round in May. We keep our fingers crossed for everyone.


Posted on23 Mar 2024

Exploring the Possibilities of AI: A Student’s Perspective
Have you ever thought about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the game for the students? Well, our grade 10 students recently dived into this exciting topic by creating a super interesting podcast. They chatted about all the cool ways AI is being used in education and beyond, sparking some really thought-provoking conversations.
Meanwhile, students from other grades got together for a fun session where they got to see firsthand how AI can be a helpful tool that will leverage their learning. They talked about the good stuff and the not-so-great stuff, shining a light on how AI can make our lives easier while also bringing up some important ethical considerations.
Our students totally rocked these projects, showing off their creativity, critical thinking skills, and their knack for staying ahead of the curve with new technology. Getting hands-on with AI isn’t just about learning something new, it’s also about gearing up for a future where innovation in education is key.
How cool is that?

Poetry week

Posted on22 Mar 2024

In order to celebrate International Poetry Day (21 March 2024) students and teachers at the IGS cooperated in poetry-bombing the school campus with poems – French, Vietnamese, English, German poems, but also poems in Turkish, Tagalog, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese. On Monday morning, groups of students could be seen gathering around and reading the poems on display. Some students even got irate when they thought that their poems were not on display (luckily, the poems had just been posted up in obscure places).
A hearty vote of thanks goes to everyone who got involved, and especially to all the teachers who cooperated and encouraged their students to write some poetry. We all got to appreciate it.

Open day

Posted on16 Mar 2024

The Saturday of last weekend was dedicated to the “Open Day” at the IGS.
In the morning, the U6 area and the primary school opened their doors and welcomed interested parents for an informative tour, while activities for the little ones were offered in the forum. 

The students of the student council not only provided a sweet treat with their waffle stand, but also donated the proceeds to a good cause.

In the afternoon, it was time for the secondary level. They presented themselves for the first time during the Open Day as part of the Night of Science, where teachers, as well as cooperation partners of the IGS and external experts, delighted the guests with lectures, workshops, and hands-on experiments.
Visitors of all ages had the opportunity to gain insights into the scientific methods of the STEM subjects at the IGS throughout the event by being introduced to microscopy, determining the pH value of various ingredients in the laboratory, or exploring the beauty of mathematics. Additionally, the Language, Art, and Music Departments opened their doors to showcase the uniqueness of the IGS.

On the main stage, an interesting experiment show was held every hour, which combined the history of alchemy with modern chemistry, causing amazement and enthusiasm among the audience, just before the visitors had the opportunity to participate in lectures and workshops.

As the IGS sees itself as a progressive school with a focus on the STEM field, experts on topics relevant to research and development were invited. For instance, Dr. Klein from the Vietnamese-German University led a lecture and workshop on “Semiconductor and Microchips,” where participants had the opportunity to program and test their own microchips on-site.

The IGS is also very pleased that NFQ Asia participated in the Night of Science and provided visitors with insights into the possibilities and challenges of the currently rapid AI developments.

During the concluding panel discussion with students, teachers, and parents, significant aspects were discussed, encouraging the audience to contemplate the topics and actively participate. Mr. Lars Jankowfsky (Founder of NFQ) emphasized the successful approach of the IGS and its concept of “Digital Citizenship.” He highlighted that taking responsibility in dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) will be of increasing societal relevance in the future.
The IGS would like to thank all participants of this year’s Night of Science.

NaWi Learning Landscapes: A New Learning Module with a Bang

Posted on16 Mar 2024

On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, everything at the NaWi Learning Landscapes revolved around forces and levers. Students from classes 5 and 6 had the opportunity to dive into the new physics learning module in an exciting and varied manner. After a brief explanation of the learning content, they were allowed to demonstrate their skill in a balance competition. The challenge was to establish equilibrium at four different stations by hanging the correct masses at the right distance from the pivot point and weighing an object of unknown weight with a balance scale. 
To conclude the double period, Mr. Kehm and Mr. Vidmar demonstrated the practicality of knowledge about the lever principle in everyday life. They showed that one can easily open a bottle with a crown cap using a 2-meter-long lever (a folding ruler) with a bang!

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