News from the IGS

25 Jun 2024

Tinker Adventure Park

On Friday, the school year ended for the children in the school entry program with a final trip to Tinker Adventure Park.
All the children arrived at school on time and well prepared, and were of course very excited. After a long bus ride to D7, the children were amazed when they entered the park. After we had gotten a quick overview of the park together, the children were allowed to go off by themselves. 
They immediately started on the first suspension bridge, which led to other bridges at a higher level. At first, the children had to gather some courage to cross the wobbly bridges and obstacles, but they showed team spirit, cheered each other on and helped each other.
But there was not only an obstacle course at lofty heights. The children also tested their skills in archery, building houses and on the bouldering wall. They could dig for gold and dinosaur bones in a sandpit. A small highlight was the zipline over a small pond. It was great fun and was used extensively. 
In between, the children snacked on sandwiches and talked about their brave successes. Since all the children had great fun and exceeded their own expectations, they returned to school very tired but with big smiles.