News from the IGS

8 Jun 2024

Graduation ceremony for graduates May 2024

Last Saturday, the International German School proudly bade farewell to its seven graduates. The graduation ceremony was held at MCafe and the theme was “The Oscars,”. Teachers, friends, and families gathered to celebrate and acknowledge this milestone. In an atmosphere full of excitement, wishes for the future were expressed, and the graduates were encouraged to continue making their own life films, in the commonly-used metaphor which dominated the evening.
School life was aptly compared to a Hollywood production, marked by action, drama, and comedy. The graduates were encouraged to continue playing the lead roles in their own films. After all, in this world, we need action heroes who drive change, dramatic moments that help us grow, and comedic moments that bring smiles to our faces.
We are confident that our graduates, thanks to their solid education and personal development, are well-equipped to forge their own paths and make a positive impact on their environment. We wish them all the best for their future and are confident that they will achieve their goals with flying colours.