News from the IGS

12 Jun 2024

Penguins discover Vietnam

Over the last few weeks, the Penguins (students in Class 4) have been working on an exciting project. As part of their science class, the young explorers were able to create travel brochures for various places in Vietnam. This creative task gave the children the opportunity to expand their research skills, express their creativity and deepen their knowledge of Vietnam.
The trip began with an introduction to the country’s geography. The students then each chose a place in Vietnam that they wanted to learn more about. From the vibrant metropolis of Hanoi to the historic city of Hoi An to the picturesque beaches of Phú Quốc – the selection was diverse and fascinating. With great enthusiasm and zeal, the students set about gathering information. They researched the sights, the local cuisine, the geography and the special features of their respective places. The design of the travel brochures was the creative highlight of the project. The students used bright colours, self-painted illustrations and photos to make their brochures appealing and informative. Each brochure became a small work of art that reflected the uniqueness of each place in Vietnam. At the end of the project, the students proudly presented their works to the class. The presentations were a great success and offered an exciting insight into the diversity of Vietnam.
This project was not only a wonderful opportunity for the students to expand their knowledge, but also a journey into the fascinating world of Vietnam. The travel brochures are an impressive testimony to the students’ commitment and will certainly be remembered for a long time.