News from the IGS

14 Jun 2024

Music concert

Concert at IGS
After many months of preparation, the final day of the double-feature concerts broke upon the singers, musicians and dancers of the combined IGS Community Choir. Some Schubert, various folk songs, an evensong from Africa and the wonderfully performable “In a Persian Market” by Alfred Ketèlbey were performance ready. What was left was the unbearable unknown factor – would there be an audience?
Well, the overwhelming attendance was totally unexpected as the IGS community certainly came in droves. There was a wonderful sense of excitement at each performance and appreciative applause throughout.
Some highlights of the performances were Julian Nguyen’s performance of “Liebesfreude” by Fritz Kreisler in which he managed to produce the Viennese swing to a very difficult waltz, the consistently brilliant accompaniment of Mr Dang Tri Dung on the piano and the excellent flute accompaniment from our own Class 4 student, Anna Fraahs.
The school owes a big thank you to all the performers who gave their hearts and minds to the performance and hours of preparation time in advance:
Ha Mi Tran(K10), Viet Nguyen (K 10), Yu-Jo Lin (K 10), David Kolbe (K7), Nico Radic (K 7)
Hai Thanh Tran (K5), choir members and Sophie David (K6), Helena Turner (K5) and Trịnh Khánh Ngọc (K 5) dancers.
A special thanks goes to all the teachers and other supporters who helped to make the choir such a success. This will not be forgotten.