News from the IGS

27 Apr 2024

Excursion to the Cat Café

Last Friday 19th April, the Grade 6 students accompanied by Ms Hughes and Ms Pienaar, went on an outing to the Kin Neko Cat Café in Thảo Điền. They have been studying the Cat Poems by TS Eliot in their English lessons and the outing was to add a richness to their experience of the poems. We enthusiastically set off on the bus after breakfast. It was a very special outing and the children loved stroking the cats. It was heartwarming to see how peaceful and calm the children were. They were gentle when petting the cats and enjoyed playing with the more adventurous cats. Five happy children returned to school in time for lunch. After lunch they had their Art lesson and there the experience was further enhanced with creative activities. The children used clay to model cats looking at the photos taken at the Cat Café. A lovely time was had by everyone.