News from the IGS

18 May 2024

Art mural

We are thrilled to present our new mural in collaboration with Canadian artist and muralist, Ilana Pichon, and our Class 4 students.
This mural features 7 colourful compositions on the wall, each of which frames the representation of a container with an open neck, and graphic shapes on the outside of its walls.
These shapes come from a workshop that Ilana hosted with the children, where everyone was free to create using coloured paper and a pair of scissors.
We began by reflecting on what represents our origins and what the children associate with German identity.
Our students have varied roots and come from many different cultures and communities. Using a simple graphic language that everyone can understand, Ilana wanted to represent this variety in the mural.
The seven shared colours, inverted throughout the elements of the mural, show that knowledge is something to be shared. She also wanted to emphasise the fact that children grow, learn and acquire future qualities and skills that can be added to the container they represent.
We have greatly enjoyed hosting and working with Ilana over these past few weeks and are so grateful to her for her hard work and dedication. During their lessons, and sometimes their break periods, the students have been eager to assist her in painting the mural, and now we have this lasting memory of a wonderful experience.