News from the IGS

25 May 2024

IGS HCMC – Excellent German school abroad

The International German School in Ho Chi Minh City (IGS) has passed the Bund-Länder Inspection (BLI) with flying colors, impressing with its outstanding learning environment, which is conducive to both academic and social development for its students. The inspection results highlight the exceptional quality of instruction, the dedication of the teachers, and the innovative school development.
The inspectors were particularly impressed by the open learning landscapes in the STEM areas (Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Technology) as well as in the primary school, which are considered the school’s flagship projects. These modern learning environments not only foster the students’ enthusiasm for science and technology, but also enable cooperative learning arrangements that enhance teamwork and critical thinking.
Another highlight of the inspection was the high level of German language proficiency among the students. Particularly in the primary school section, the German ds is taught and used to a very high standard. The teachers do remarkable work here, imparting not only language skills but also a deep cultural understanding to the students.
The excellent work of the teaching staff was also acknowledged. The teachers at IGS are distinguished by their high level of expertise and their dedicated approach to teaching. Their tireless commitment and innovative teaching methods significantly contribute to the supportive learning environment that prevails at the school.
The work of the school leadership team was especially positively highlighted in the inspection reports. Through effective teamwork and active developmental efforts, the school leadership succeeds in continuously implementing improvements and leading the school with a progressive outlook. This collective effort is reflected in the high quality of daily school life and the strategic orientation of the IGS.
Another important aspect praised by the inspectors is the future-oriented media education, which is firmly embedded in the school culture. The students are trained in the use of modern technologies, which prepares them well for the demands of the digital world.
The successful Bund-Länder Inspection confirms the high quality of the International German School in Ho Chi Minh City and underscores its commitment to excellent education and holistic student development. The IGS will continue to work on strengthening its position as a leading educational institution in the region and supporting its students in their educational journey to the best of its ability.