The most important questions of parents have been collected here.


How many children are in each class?

Class and group sizes vary between 12 and 18 children per class/group.


Which curricula form the basis of instruction?

Lessons in grades 1 – 10 are based on the curricula of the federal state of Thuringia and have regionally specific extensions. The programme is bilingual. Selected subjects are taught in English (ICT, sports, art, geography).

The U6 division works on the basis of the quality framework for kindergarten and pre-school at German schools abroad and an in-school language learning concept.


How does digital media support lessons?

At IGS, learning software is used in various areas of teaching. This allows pupils to learn at their own pace, regardless of their location.

ICT lessons are integrated into the timetable from grade 3. The students are already mastering simple programming tasks in a playful and enthusiastic manner. From grade 5, students use their own notebooks / tablets (Bring-Your-Own-Device-Policy). Furthermore, equipment is also available for individual lessons.


Do the children also learn English?

The IGS curriculum is bilingual. In addition to the main language of instruction, German, some subjects are taught in English. This enables learners to reach a high level of language skills in both languages at a very early age.


Does my child have to speak German to be accepted into IGS?

Acceptance into the U6 Section (nursery, Kindergarten, preschool) is possible without any knowledge of German. Language acquisition happens of course via immersion, supplemented by targeted support every day.

Pupils for Grade 2 – 7 without any knowledge of German can acquire the language in lateral entrance programme.

Further information regarding Admission requirements.


Where do the pupils come from?

Currently, children from 17 nations attend IGS: About 50 % of the students do not have any German-speaking roots in their families.


How many children are enrolled at IGS?

Currently, there are 134 children from 17 nations learning at the IGS. Of these, 46 are in the U6-section and 87 at school.

(Status: 24 January 2018)


Is there a school bus?

The school bus picks up the children directly at their front door and reach IGS on time together with their friends. At 4:20 pm, the school buses leave campus for home. You can then welcome your little ones and the not-so-little-ones again without any hassle and have them tell you about their day in a relaxed atmosphere.

All buses are accompanied by bus assistants who can be reached by telephone at any time. Seats on the bus can be requested at the school office.


How long is a school day?

The school day begins for all children with the first bell at 07:55 hrs. For primary school children, school ends at 15:20 hrs, with the possibility to participate in one of the extracurricular activities in the afternoon. Secondary school day ends at 16:15 hrs.

All bus children leave campus at 16:20 hrs. On Fridays, the school closes at 14:35 hrs, so the school buses leave at 14:40 hrs.


Which school leaving certificates does IGS offer?

Our aim is the IB-Diploma (mixed-language International Baccalaureat).

The IB-Diploma is an international university entrance qualification. This is also recognised in the Federal Republic of Germany. In grade 8, students take the examinations for the German Language Diploma (DSD I) of the Conference of Education Ministers; in grade11 the examinations for DSD II are held as scheduled.


Is there a contact person for learning difficulties or intellectual giftedness?

The IGS works closely with an external school psychologist. The main areas of work include dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention disorders, and high aptitudes.

The psychological counselling centre is located on the first floor of House B on the campus of IGS.


Is there a school uniform at IGS?

The school clothing consists of shorts / skorts and polo shirt or sports trousers and T-shirt.
In the U6 area, only the sport uniform is worn during excursions and school events.


Which sections are there?

The school is divided into the following

  • primary (grades 1 – 4)
  • secondary I (grades 5 – 10)
  • secondary II (grades 11 – 12)

Currently, IGS has grades 1 to 8. Gradual growth into grades 9 – 12 is taking place, with one grade added every year.

The Under 6 years (U6) is divided into crèche (from 1.5 years), Kindergarten (3 – 5 years), and preschool (5 – 6 years).


Are there sports lessons?

All pupils take part in sports and swimming lessons. Swimming is taught from preschool onwards.


Can books be borrowed from the library?

Children and parents can borrow books, games, and CDs from the school’s library.


Who are the teachers?

At IGS, qualified native-speaking teachers teach both in the U6 Section and in school.


Which extracurricular are offered?

Extracurricular activities offer learners the opportunity to try themselves out in a freer setting, discover talents or pursue special interests. Excursions are therefore an integral part of the school programme. In addition to the support hours firmly anchored in the curriculum, IGS offers a wide range of musical-artistic, athletic or technical working groups. The working groups are usually held in cooperation with external professional providers in the afternoon hours until 4:15 p.m. and can be re-elected every ten weeks.

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