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Vietnamese History: Cu-Chi-Tunnel

Posted on19 Apr 2019

In their project week class 7 visits the Cu Chi Tunnels. We are very impressed by the underground tunnel systems. We have learned a lot from our lovely german tour guide about the life of the people living at that time.

Cat Tien National Park

Posted on19 Apr 2019
Grade 6 safely arrived at Ta Lai a village in the middle of the jungle next to the Cat Tien Nationalpark. Fresh air, no noise and a lot of nature. The students could hardly wait to hear the Gibbons singing.

rhetoric seminar in Cái Bè

Posted on19 Apr 2019
On their two-day rhetoric seminar in Cái Bè, grade 9 worked on their confident appearance and tried out presentation techniques. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Mekong, the students prepared for their final speech performances and the colloquium as part of their research project. Besides practicing small presentation units, there was time for good food, board games as well as a boat trip on the Mekong. This excursion led them through the  floating markets. On this occasion, grade 9 tasted the local honey and helped with the processing of coconuts.

U6 Easter Celebration

Posted on19 Apr 2019
U6 section celebrated Easter with a show, made by the small ones, for the small ones.
In the morning we started with an Easter hunt on our playground. After energizing ourselves with chocolate eggs and little bunny buns from our easter baskets, we enjoyed looking at a stage play, directed by the preschool. There were different song performances, choreography and an easter bunny parade.

Happy Easter!

Minister President of of Thuringia in Vietnam

Posted on16 Apr 2019

The delegation of over 100 participants visited various projects related to education and politics. Minister President Ramelow is a member of the party “Die Linke”. A major focus was put on discussing options of recruiting experts from Vietnam who are proficient in the German language.

Currently about 130 Vietnamese apprentices are studying in Thuringia. Ramelow’s goal is to train 1000 apprentices per year. The prerequisite for this is sufficient knowledge of German. (B2) Thus, Minister President Ramelow showed interest in the language training programme at IGS.

In conversation with Udo Philippus, Head of Unit Labor Market and Vocational Training Policy, Headmaster Dirk Thormann presented the spectrum of language training on campus.

Dr. Claudia Hillinger, Head of the International Office of the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena expressed her interest to cooperate with IGS on the internationalisation of teacher training.

About 3000 people with Vietnamese origin currently live in the Free State of Thuringia, State Secretary Malte Krückels reported at a reception on the Indochina Queen.

The captain of the ship received great applause, when it turned out that he had completed his training in Thüringen before returning to Vietnam.



InterTech: Do you – know – EdTech?

Posted on13 Apr 2019

11.04.2019  On Thursday, many parents and friends of the IGS visited the campus to get a glimpse of the educational technology used in IGS classrooms. The students themselves facilitated stations where they taught visitors of the InterTech event about green-screening, the use of the Adobe Creative Suite and about their community projects. But it was also hands on! Parents got to design their own video game character, be a star in the IGS newscast, try out the smartboard, and learn vocabulary with Quizlet. Of course, there are many ways to integrate tech in the classroom but it is especially helpful for learning languages. With Quizlet IGS has found an engaging and effective way to keep track and learn vocabulary as well as content. Mr. Brian Caleda and Ms. Franziska Barnickel organised InterTech together with the students. Thanks to the teachers, who supported the event.

Schüler*innen erklären EdTech

Schüler erklären EdTech

Schüler*innen erklären EdTech

IGS Pangolin

Posted on05 Apr 2019

It’s the year of the Pangolin here at IGS! Pangolins are indigenous to Vietnam. For the last few months our primary students have been learning all about one
of the most trafficked animal in the world. Here are Klasse 2 with their tape art pangolins, many of which have been busy exploring the IGS campus between art lessons.
Stay tuned for bigger and wilder pangolin projects coming up!

Prof. Nguyen Thien Nhan

Posted on05 Apr 2019
Politburo Member of CP, Secretary of Party Committee and
Head of Parliamentary Group of HCMC studied in Germany and speaks excellent German.
We are glad he has expressed the wish to visit the International German School HCMC (IGS).

Alumni Talk – Looking back at the years at IGS

Posted on04 Apr 2019

Our daughter Anna-Mayra had the opportunity to return to her “old” school in Vietnam at the end of February. For one week she was allowed to take lessons in her “old” grade, the current grade 4. After attending grades 1 and 2 at IGS, she moved to a regular primary school in Stuttgart, Germany in grade 3. Anna-Mayra was well prepared and had a solid foundation. It soon became apparent that she had advantages in English and Swimming lessons, as these subjects had been taught with more frequency at IGS. The current visit at the IGS shows that the teaching contents here and there are very similar and that a change back could take place without any difficulties.
We also noticed positive advantages from a social point of view:
She has played with all the children, both with the old classmates and schoolmates, as well as with children who had come to IGS in the meantime.
I think she really enjoyed the 5 days at IGS, and I thank IGS again for the opportunity to visit this school. We are happy that she feels at home in two schools.

Dr. Martina Merklinger
Chairwoman of the Parents Representation, school year 2016/ 2017

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier in HCMC

Posted on29 Mar 2019

The official opening ceremony of the German House on 26 March 2019, the Federal Minister Mr. Peter Altmaier conveyed greetings from the German chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel.
The Consul general Siegel and Prof. Nguyen Thien Nhan, party secretary and member of the political office as well as the Federal Minister Mr. Peter Altmaier and Dr. Wansleben (DIHK) praised the merits of all who were involved in this extraordinary project in their opening speeches.
The announcement of the new project – “German Campus” – by Horst Geicke (Deutsches Haus) was eagerly followed by about 200 invited guests.
Prof. Nguyen Thien Nhan, who studied in Germany and also speaks excellent German, promised to visit the International German School HCMC (IGS).
The Consul general Siegel and Prof. Nguyen Thien Nhan, party secretary and member of the political office as well as the Federal Minister Mr. Peter Altmaier and Dr. Wanzleben (DIHK) praised the merits of all who were involved in this extraordinary project in their opening speeches.
The announcement of the new project – “German Campus” – by Horst Geicke (Deutsches Haus) was eagerly followed by about 200 invited guests.
Prof. Thien Nhan, who studied in Germany and also speaks excellent German, promised to visit the International German School HCMC (IGS).
Also the Federal Minister, Mr. Peter Altmaier showed particular interest in the development of At the International German School and the school building project. He sent out best wishes for a successful development of the German School in form of personal dedication.

Guest lecture Prof. Peter Vale, University of Johannesburg

Posted on28 Mar 2019

Industry 4.0 is a buzzword that employed by many branches of industry and the people behind them. We know revolutions from history books. Sometimes, decades of long periods of time become conflated into single chapters and we lose sight of important details.
How can we adequately prepare pupils for changed working and living environments?
What values form social consensus and what do they result from? How do algorithms and comprehensive networking change our understanding of “truth”?
Questions like these were addressed in the lecture of Prof. Peter Vale and the following discussion turned into a livery debate. It was the first event of this kind at the IGS.
Parents, guests, representatives of the VGU, teachers and pupils of the older grades were among the listeners of this well attended event, which took place from 18:30 – 20:00 on the campus of the IGS.
Afterwards there was an opportunity to talk to the speaker and have some tea.

IGS InterTech 2019

Posted on27 Mar 2019

In the last 3 years, IGS has been pushing to develop and implement EdTech strategies and instructional design to create engaging lessons, virtual classrooms and online-based programs to enhance the learning experience in and out of school. The IGS InterTech is the venue where students can showcase the EdTech used at IGS. On Thursday, April 11, from 17:00-20:00, we invite you to an interactive evening to learn what, and how, students teach and learn.

Introduction of Malte Spengler

Posted on26 Mar 2019

Hello, my name is Malte Spengler and from August 2019 I will be the “new one” in the kindergarten.    I am 26 years old and born and raised in Germany, in the middle of the Ruhr area. After completing my training as a state-approved educator, I worked in my training kindergarten for one year before I was drawn to the world, in this case Moscow.  After two and a half years of working in the kindergarten of the German School in Moscow, I am interested in Vietnam because I like to learn more about new cultures and their people.
As a part-time job I am currently completing a distance learning course for kindergarten and after-school management.
After a short detour into athletics, I was drawn to handball as a extra-curricular activities. Playing actively myself, I also trained children between the ages of 7 and 8.
Now I am looking forward to working in your country, with your children and the exciting challenges that await me at the beginning of the new school and kindergarten year.
I can’t wait to get started!

IB Certificate

Posted on25 Mar 2019

The next big step towards becoming an authorized IB school has been taken by IGS this week with three teachers participating in official subject specific IB workshops in Bangkok and Singapore. All participants agreed that, besides consolidating their IB understanding, they were able to gain in-depth knowledge and benefit from best practice examples by meeting with and learning from experienced IB practitioners. With their additional expertise, the prospective IB teachers are enriching the weekly collaboration meetings of future Diploma Programme teachers, which plan our pre-IB grade 10 and is concerned with the implementation of the programme.

Franziska Barnickel

IB Coordinator

“What is actually chemistry “

Posted on22 Mar 2019

grade 4 has been looking for answers for 3 weeks.
With the help of exciting experiments, the students delt with the question and got closer
to the core questions of chemistry.
For example, they recreated their own temporary lava lamp.








Shadow theatre artist and picture book illustrator – Patricia Thoma

Posted on21 Mar 2019

Even as a child I was fascinated by shadow theatre, which originated in India and also became popular in Germany in the 18th century.
After the performance of my own shadow theatre “Die zertanzten Schuhe”, based on the Brothers Grimm, the students of grades 1-6 designed their own imaginative figures.
From simple black cardboard arose dragons, princesses and monsters.
Thank you very much for inviting me to your school.

Introduction of Mr. Reisdorf

Posted on15 Mar 2019

Mr. Reisdorf is going to teach in grade 10 (and other grades) in the coming school year and would like to introduce himself at this point.

“I grew up in Aachen (Germany) at the border to Belgium. During my time as a pupil, I gathered first impressions of pedagogical work while looking after youth groups on holiday camps and decided to become a teacher. At the RWTH Aachen University I passed my first state examination in mathematics and physics and subsequently supported the teaching at a partner university in Oman for 6 months.
I got to know the advantages and challenges of working in an international environment during my stay.
I completed my training with a training internship and a second state examination in Münster.

In the course of a trip to Vietnam, I gained first impressions of the country and insights into the work at the IGS during a three-day internship. From these impressions my wish to work with you at the German School in Ho Chi Minh City has grown. I am looking forward to the start of the coming school year .”

The Threat and Promise of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Posted on15 Mar 2019

Public Lecture: 25 March, 18:30 – 19:30, Villa H  IGS-Campus (Entrance from the street)

4IR has emerged as a major talking point over the past few years. Much of the conversation has been over the ‘inevitability’ that it will transform the future of humanity. It is no surprise, then, that the challenged posed – or thought to be posed – by this issue has engaged educators and their institutions across the world.
Amongst the questions that have been raised are linked to the curriculum, the role of technology in the home and class-room, and the future of the human-centred disciplines.
This talk (and the Question and Answer Session that will follow) will consider these, and other, issues associated with the 4IR.

Peter Vale is the Founding Director of the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS), and Professor of Humanities at the University of Johannesburg. Until 2010 he held the Nelson Mandela Chair of Politics, Rhodes University – he continues to hold this title as Emeritus Professor.
Vale has been a Professor/Scholar in Australia, Mozambique, Namibia, The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil and Singapore where he is currently a Visiting Professor in Global Affairs and Public Policy at Nanyang Technological University.
He is Member of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAF); and Fellow of the African Academy of Science, the Royal Society of South Africa, and the World Academy of Arts and Science. He is also a Member of Die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns.

Tea will be served after the lecture. You will have the chance to meet Prof. Peter Vale after the lecture.

Letters from Switzerland

Posted on14 Mar 2019

This week a package caused a lot of excitement in class 5. The pupils received individually written letters from the primary and day school, Ziegelried, in Switzerland.
Now our students will answer the questions from Switzerland and perhaps this will be the start of a Vietnamese-Swiss pen friendship!
Brieffreundschaft Schweiz Vietnam IGS HCMC

Brieffreundschaft Schweiz Vietnam IGS HCMC

“Diercke WISSEN”. The geography competition

Posted on14 Mar 2019

25th place out of 6000 participants goes to Vietnam

With over 310,000 participants, Diercke WISSEN is the largest Geography competition in Germany. A total of 6000 pupils in the German schools abroad took part this year.
The school winner, Laudan Terence Hughes, took 25th place against the other German schools abroad.
Congratulations, we are proud of you.

Philippe Roesler at IGS HCMC

Posted on12 Mar 2019

Former Vice-Chancellor Philipp Rösler and Head of Deutsches Haus, Horst Geicke visiting the IGS Campus. Philipp Rösler gave the opening speech at the foundation of International German School HCMC (IGS) in 2012.

Chemistry? What exactly is chemistry?

Posted on08 Mar 2019

This question will be set to students in class 4.
As in medieval alchemy, our students will also observe and experiment.
Our students will learn that substances can exist in different states of aggregation.
When can gas freeze? Is that possible?
Based on the weekly project lesson, the students will carry out experiments on the 4 elements and prepare the first experimental protocols in preparation for the scientific investigation.
The first experiment will be on the subject of water.
In order not to betray too much at this point, here is just a hint: “lava lamp”.

Art with Jack Clayton, Lee Wessels & Ben Wayman

Posted on07 Mar 2019

Last week Klasse 7 were lucky to be visited by Jack Clayton; HCMC-based printmaker and illustrator for a short presentation and workshop. The students were able to present their own lino prints as well as learn and print alongside the artist himself.

For more creative content we highly recommend the Spectrum group show taking place in Thao Dien this Thursday- where Jack will be displaying work alongside previous IGS collaborators: Lee Wessels (graffiti bear painter) and others at the wonderful Noirfoto Darkrooms (pinhole camera workshop).

art class IGS HCMC

art class IGS HCMC

art class IGS HCMC

art class IGS HCMC

art class IGS HCMC

art class IGS HCMC

Study of anatomy

Posted on06 Mar 2019

For students of medicine or biology, it is a particular challenge to recognize images of nerves and blood vessels which you have learned about when you see them in reality life.
Clarity is one of the basic principles of science education at the IGS. The section Human Biology includes dissecting a pig’s heart.
Because of its similarity to the human heart, it is well suited for the study of the cardiac anatomy.
First, the outer structure of the heart was analyzed and labeled with flat pins.
Subsequently, the heart was opened to study the internal anatomy.
All structures from the textbook could be identified.
Finally, the students followed the path of the blood through the heart with red and blue thread.
The understanding gained of the structure stimulated animated discussions about the functioning (or malfunctioning) of the heart.
Science education is a focus at the IGS and is already prepared in the U6 area by appropriate lessons.

Anatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC
Anatomie an der IGS HCMCAnatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMCAnatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMCAnatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMCAnatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC Anatomie an der IGS HCMC

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Posted on05 Mar 2019


between Goethe University Frankfurt and International German School HCMC (IGS)
The purpose of the MOU is to intensify the cooperation between the two educational institutions in the area of ​​international teacher training.
Following a pre-selection by the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Education,
IGS HCMC offers student teachers of Frankfurt University to participate in the trainee programme.
This way, the student teachers gather experience for a potential international career at a German school abroad at an early stage.
At the same time, a regular educational exchange between Frankfurt University and IGS HCMC will be established.
The MOU was signed in March 2019 by Prof. Elsner, Deputy Executive Director of the Academy for Teacher Training and Educational Research, Andreas Hänssig, Head of International Teacher Education and the Head of International German School HCMC (IGS), Dirk Thormann.