News for Parents

Preparations for the Moon Festival on September 21, 2021

Posted on11 Sep 2021

The traditional Moon Festival, which celebrates the beauty of the moon, was originally a harvest festival. Nowadays, it is mainly a festival for children, where not only fruit figures are carved, lanterns are made and the popular moon cake is baked, but a lot of time is also spent with the family.
Although we cannot celebrate together on campus this year, preparations for a Moon Festival online are in full swing. We are already looking forward to lanterns, carved fruit and the special legends of the Moon Festival.



The first week of igs_online

Posted on11 Sep 2021

In the second igs_online week a lot was learned, thought and created! Mr. Vale takes pride in the progress made by the second graders. They are currently working on three-letter words in English and as the highlight of the week they have written their first complete sentence in the foreign language!
In Art class, the students have been on a treasure hunt this week, as announced in the stop motion video in last week’s newsletter. They convinced with some excellent collections of recycled material and lovingly decorated kunstboxes, and grade 4 wowed with their brilliant homemade colour wheels. Good job everyone – Mr. Wayman is looking forward to next week’s challenges.

Mr. Keller’s students from Class 5 are very happy to be able to study with old and new friends again. This year they gained three new classmates and are now learning the foundation for middle school in the Orientation Stage (class 5 and 6). The class teacher reports: “It is great to see the interest with which the students are following the design of their digital learning environment. The development of common class rules as well as the successful implementation of the first class council meeting testify to this.”
Above all, those who are new to the IGS side entrants programme the (Seiteneinsteigerprogramm) learn a great amount every day and have convinced teachers with their motivation in the lessons. Mr. Kehm comments on an A1 student from his class: “She is phenomenal at Maths and understands the tasks, even if they are constructed with complicated subordinate clauses!”
Mr. Armes is also happy with the progress of the first week: “It is wonderful to see at the end of our first full week that all students from Class 4 to Class 10 are actively using our new music software. ‘Soundtrap’ enables recording, editing, mixing and creating music tracks. We have also been learning the basics of music notation software/app  Quite a few students have already started to use it in their own time, just to see how it works! Most importantly, students have been enjoying working together in groups – regardless of which city or continent they happen to be in at the moment.”

Keep it up IGS!

New School Year 2020/2021

Posted on01 Sep 2021

We are happy about a good start into the new school year 2021/22. Grades 2-12 were able to start the first day of school online together and schoolchildren from across the continents of Asia and Europe dialed in to Zoom on time.
In the first three lessons, the classes met with their class leader and listened to the piano pieces composed by An and Khoi, both of class 10, which started the day on a festive note. The secondary school students then learned what their timetable looked like and who their subject teachers were for the year. Both the new teachers and the “old” had specially recorded video messages to introduce themselves to the student body.
In the elementary school, the introduction of the teachers by Koala Kurt, the new mascot of the 1st grade, was shown in a gorgeous video clip. After individual class activities for team building and target reflection, the classes started with their regular IGS_online schedule.
We are enthusiastic about the energy and motivation that the students showed in the first week and wish all members of the IGS school community a successful school year 2021/22.



Posted on01 Sep 2021

First day of school for our First Graders

The first day of school is always a special day, because now the “real” school begins, with learning to read and write and math, with music and art, with exploring the environment…and with new teachers and some new children that you may not even know. It’s an exciting day that the children and their parents can look forward to.
They did that today, even though we could only see each other on the screen, watching explanatory videos and with digital schoolbags… The two class teachers, Ms. Bachler and Mr. Foxius, together with the school management, welcomed the families and lovingly guided them through the programme. The photo session with our 16th first grader, the Koala, Kurt, whom Ms. Schaffer has especially invited to Vietnam from Australia, will be done “in real life” as soon as possible, we promise.
Of course, we are all looking forward to the first day of school on the IGS campus, when we can finally all travel and go to school again. Until then, I wish all children, parents and our teachers all the best, lots of fun, and ask for the necessary patience. And don’t forget: many thanks are due to our parents who help their children show up in the digital classroom.


Preparing for the new school year

Posted on27 Aug 2021

Kunstbox project ‘21

Mit Schulbeginn nächste Woche ermutigen wir unsere Schüler*innen, eine aktive Rolle bei der Vorbereitung auf das neue Jahr zu übernehmen. Im Fach Kunst bedeutet dies, einige einfache Hilfsmittel zu sammeln und nach Materialien zu suchen, die für anstehende Projekte recycelt werden können! Listen und weitere Details werden mit den Klassenleitern und in unseren Online-Gruppen geteilt – viel Spaß beim Sammeln!

Start U6

Posted on26 Aug 2021

With many “Hellos” on Thursday, the children of the U6 section were welcomed as the first students to start the new school year. Although the reunion could only take place on the screen, everyone was very happy to finally be able to laugh, sing and learn together again.
To get started, the U6 team came up with lots of exciting activities and interactive games, and the children also proudly presented their first SeeSaw homework, which the teachers had posted in advance. This means that even the little IGS’s have already become experienced SeeSaw and Zoom professionals, because both apps are accompanying the online learning time in the U6 section and help to take further big steps in language acquisition in German.
This year the children will be accompanied by Ms. Julia Nguyen, Ms. Lena Nolden, Ms. Michelle Heinl and Ms. Kathrin Lauw in the “Entdeckerhaus” (“Discoverers” – children from 18 months to 4) and Ms. Laura Birk, Ms. Christine Kiefer and Ms. Denise Schoechert in the “Forscherhaus” (“Explorers” – children from 4 to school-entry age).

We wish all children and their families a great start into the new school year!

Dear parents, dear friends of IGS

Posted on31 Jul 2021

The International German School HCMC (IGS) has developed from a primary school to a recognized German school abroad with middle and upper grades during the past years.
This development was accompanied by a quadrupling of the number of students, the achievement of economic stability and an expansion of the campus.

Multilingualism, early learning in the natural sciences, side entry programs, digital transformation and the promotion of creativity have been just a few of the focal points of the profile in recent years.
The development priorities have also included the revision of the school concept, curricula, the standardization of assessment policies, the introduction of research and debate lessons, library classes
and method units in elementary school or Vietnamese as a foreign language.

In 2018 the IGS received official approval to carry out the first exams for the German Language Diploma of the Conference of Ministers of Education in southern Vietnam. In 2020, the IGS was authorized as an IB World School and was given the right to conduct DSD II exams.
School events such as the German Christmas Market, the research ship on the Mekong, concerts, exhibitions, lecture series, competitions and appearances have helped shape the image of the German community in Vietnam.
With the conclusion of an agreement between the IGS and the AA, the official placement of a school principal from Germany has been finalised.

I am pleased that the Central Office for Schools Abroad has succeeded in appointing Georg Michael Schopp, an experienced headmaster for the position at the IGS,
who has taken over responsibility for the IGS from 1st August 2021.

In particular, I would like to thank you, dear parents and parters of IGS, for your support and mutual success in recent years.
My special thanks go to the management team, especially Heide Schaffer, for the continuous support and expertise on this path.

For the coming school year, I wish the IGS a solid start, in which the diversity of the IGS profile can again be experienced on campus.

Dirk Thormann

Students’ Representative Council

Posted on13 Jul 2021

SV is the German abbreviation for the term Student Council. The SV is made up of the class representatives from all classes. The class representatives are elected by the classes and represent the students. This means that the students pass on concerns, ideas and wishes to their class representatives. If the concerns, ideas and wishes do not only concern the students in that class, they are taken up and solutions pursued by the SV the class representatives.
In the SV there are meetings with the class representatives of all classes as well as with our SV spokespersons, Hannah and Katie, and of course our SV teachers Mr. Wayman and Mr. Reisdorf, in order to discuss the concerns of the students and to implement goals.
This year, three projects were particularly important to us: The Student Support Network which has been prepared to the point that it can be started in the next school year. Here students can turn to a group of selected teachers for assistance with personal and school questions. Another project concerned the school uniform. Ideas were collected for supplementing school clothes . Thirdly, in the cafeteria project, we were able to work with the caterer to implement suggestions regarding the food and the serving of food. It all sounds a bit complicated, but it does mean, for example, that we can eat tacos more often.
We have achieved a lot this school year. Especially when you consider that we had online classes for many weeks and couldn’t go to school. Classes and exams online have not always been easy.  Sometimes the internet fails for the students, sometimes the electricity for the teachers. Sometimes there is a lack of mutual laughter in class and sometimes it is difficult to stay focused if the teacher cannot see everything that’s happening in the class and you fear being admonished.
Nevertheless, we mastered this difficult situation together in this school year, learned a lot, had a lot of fun in between and especially in the last few weeks. We would like to thank you, the students who have stood by us with suggestions and support, the teachers who have always taught us new things, and all the others who are responsible for the success of our everyday school life. A special thanks goes to Mr Thormann: thank you very much.
We wish everyone an exciting and healthy summer vacation and of course that we can finally see each other for real again in the next school year.

Hannah, Katie and the SV team

Last Day of School

Posted on03 Jul 2021

Together with their classmates and class leaders, the students finished another successful school year at the IGS on Friday. The ceremony was introduced musically at a gathering in Zoom classrooms and this year began with a poignant self-written piano solo by An from class 9, followed by the solemn speech by the Headmaster, Mr. Thormann, which focused on the school’s achievements and thanks.
After an interlude of an impressive original composition by Khoi, also from class 9, individual students were honored for special achievements by school awards that were given by the school principal. This year these came from the following areas: Language Acquisition, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Music / Art, Social Commitment and outstanding academic achievements.
In an address, the student representatives also highlighted the increasing performance of the student council this year and thanked the teachers and the school management for their support. The class-internal certificates were then issued.
Finally, class activities were carried out that will be remembered! Many classes reflected on the school year and formulated goals for the future, e.g. through individual letters to the future self, which the students sealed in envelopes and will open at the end of the next school year.
The IGS wishes the school community a relaxing summer vacation and we look forward to seeing you again in the new school year. 

Speech of the Headmaster

Kid’s Lab Online

Posted on03 Jul 2021

What fun at the Online Kids Lab with the frog! This time he had brought a lot of paints, water and sugar and wanted to know from the children what you can do with them. At the end of the experiment, they found out together that the different colors in the glass would not mix if they were mixed with different amounts of sugar and carefully mixed together. With every layer of color and a lot of instinct, a rainbow gradually emerged in the glass, as if by magic! The children were also able to inspire other experiments with swimming lemons and napkins that change color. The frog says goodbye to the holidays and wishes all children a great summer!

Getty Awards

Posted on03 Jul 2021

During this final semester, we put out a challenge to our students – who could recreate a famous work of art the best using only materials from their home? The response has been, to say the least, incredible! We’ve seen avocados dressed as Magritte, armies of Mona Lisas, pets with pearl earrings, and statues come to life. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the students’ work and to crown the top Getties of 2021 – Drumroll, please!

Music activities with class 9/10

Posted on03 Jul 2021

Classes 9 and 10 prepared a wide range of activities this week for the rest of the school. Wednesday featured a dance session for Classes 1, 2 and 3. The younger children loved watching and joining in with the ‘Chicken Dance’ and ‘Macarena’!
On Thursday, Minh from Class 9 delivered a fascinating insight into how he produces and mixes music using technology. Everyone learned a lot from his step-by-step guide to the music production process.
On Friday, we had four wonderful presentations from four Class 9 students who took us through the process of composing new soundtracks for movie clips.
A fascinating week. Thank you to all of those students for their efforts and thoughtful presentations.

online safari

Posted on03 Jul 2021

“On Wednesday, 30 June 2021, Class 4 went on an online Safari with WildEarth. The class saw lions feeding on the carcass of a dead buffalo, some feeding impala, a herd of zebra interacting with some Cape buffalo.
The class had studied African plains wildlife before the time. Here are some class comments.
Cecilia says she learned that lions lick the bones of their prey to get at the meat stuck to the bones.
Ken said he learned that a lion uses the dead body of his prey as a pillow.
Sandra said she knew that lions have spikes on their teeth to lick meat off the bones. She also did not know that flies get confused when they land on zebras because of their stripes.
Jaden noticed that the lions immediately went for a nap after they ate food – he saw them lying on their backs under the tree.
Chu-Khang did not know that zebra and buffalo do not like to stay together.
Owen said that he thought buffalo hordes were bigger.
Tung Quan learned about new animals – he thinks that’s cool.”

German Summer Course

Posted on03 Jul 2021

A few places are still available in the German A2 and B1 student courses of the Language Institute CaféDeutsch. These are suitable for revising and consolidating what students have learned and support a good start into the new school year.

A2 Programme:

B1 Programm:

Dinosaurs in the Classroom!

Posted on03 Jul 2021

At the end of the “Dinosaurs” learning unit, the Natural History Museum Berlin made it possible for our 2nd class to take a digitally guided tour of the museum. People asked, marveled and researched in the footsteps of the dinosaurs.In the central atrium of the museum, the students of the Pirate Class had the opportunity to view several fossils of animals and plants from the late Jurassic period.
The highlight was the Brachiosaurus which is an ancient, giant giraffe. At a height of 13.27 m, its bones are the largest dinosaur skeleton in the world. It is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
But the pirates also got to know other types of dinosaurs, such as the Stegosaurus and the Allosaurus, live on the computer screen.
The specimen of an ancient bird was particularly exciting. During the tour, the students also learned why the dinosaurs became extinct, who their descendants are and how one can become a paleontologist.
“That was the best excursion of the school year – and I didn’t even have to leave my nursery. I find herbivores like the brachiosaurus really exciting.”, Said Hai Thanh at the end of the tour.
Many thanks to the team at the Naturmuseum Berlin for this unforgettable excursion!

Thuringian Competence Tests

Posted on29 Jun 2021

Every year, the pupils in grades 3, 6 and 8 take part in the Thuringian competence tests, a nation-wide comparison test in the subjects of German, Mathematics and English. The beginning of June was the third grade in German and Mathematics. Because of the online lessons, the children got the tasks digitally in their learning platform “Seesaw”, where they could work on them directly. The students have been familiar with these tests since the second grade, and  were able to cope with the tasks successfully.
While only the children in their mother tongue took part in the German tests for reading and listening, all pupils in class 3 took the Math test. Immediately after entering the individual results, the IGS received a comparison with the other schools in Thuringia. We are very pleased that the class average largely corresponds to the national average, and is even higher for some sub-competencies. This is an astonishing achievement, especially since all children have grown up in a multilingual environment. It has been shown that language-sensitive teaching can also achieve great success in mathematics.
Congratulations to the little Zebras!

extraction and chromatography

Posted on26 Jun 2021

This week, the 6th grade learned the separation processes of extraction and chromatography in chemistry class. The methods found practical application in the investigation of plant pigments and the constituents of milk. There were some interesting observations.

DSD I results 2021

Posted on26 Jun 2021

A reason to celebrate! For the fourth year in a row, all IGS participants of the official examination for the German Language Diploma Level 1 (DSD I) managed to reach the target level B1 (CEFR)). Congratulations You were able to convince the examiners in your listening skills and reading comprehension, written and oral communication!
We can be proud of a result of almost 85% of the total number of points. The strengths of our students continue to be in reading and listening, but we have also improved in speaking compared to last year.
The DSD I serves as proof of the German language skills required for admission to a preparatory college in Germany.
In the next school year, the IGS will also hold DSD I examinations in secondary level I and DSD II examinations in grade 11.

Franziska Barnickel
German as a Foreign Language Coordinator

A2 exams in German

Posted on25 Jun 2021

At the beginning of June, the Internationale schulische Vergleichsarbeit 2 (international school comparative tests 2) of the Central Office for German Schools Abroad took place for the students of Grade 5 at language level A2 (CEFR). Despite being conducted online, listening, reading and written communication skills could be tested.
The students have also already prepared their presentations for the orals, but the speaking exam can only be held at the beginning of the next school year due to campus closures. We are pleased that all of our examinees were able to convince us of their skills, despite having to complete the exams digitally.
The Internationale schulische Vergleichsarbeit 2 tests are subtitled “On the way to the DSD” and serve to prepare students for the official German language diploma DSD at levels I and II, which the students will encounter a little bit later into their school career, and serve as language certificates for German preparatory colleges and universities.


Spoons and salads

Posted on25 Jun 2021
Our Primary students have risen to some great art challenges over the last few weeks. Together students from K 3,4,5 & 6 have taken part in online draw-a-longs, spoon portraits (inspired by the iconic MC Escher self-portrait) and competed in a fruit salad challenge.
We wanted to take a moment to share some of the fantastic work from the students here – good job gang.

A2 exams in German

Posted on18 Jun 2021

At the beginning of June, the Internationale schulische Vergleichsarbeit 2 (international school comparative tests 2) of the Central Office for German Schools Abroad took place for the students of Grade 5 at language level A2 (CEFR). Despite being conducted online, listening, reading and written communication skills could be tested.
The students have also already prepared their presentations for the orals, but the speaking exam can only be held at the beginning of the next school year due to campus closures. We are pleased that all of our examinees were able to convince us of their skills, despite having to complete the exams digitally.
The Internationale schulische Vergleichsarbeit 2 tests are subtitled “On the way to the DSD” and serve to prepare students for the official German language diploma DSD at levels I and II, which the students will encounter a little bit later into their school career, and serve as language certificates for German preparatory colleges and universities.


Posted on16 Jun 2021

As an IB World School with a particularly strong German profile, the IGS offers the Gemischtsprachige International Baccalaureate (GIB) as a school leaving certificate, which entitles after successful completion to university entrance in Germany and most countries around the world.
At already 36 German schools abroad worldwide, students complete the IB Diploma Programme with the GIB, in which in grades 11 and 12, German, History, and Biology or Chemistry have to be taught and assessed in the German language.
As a globally-minded school, the IGS has been an active part of the GIB SCHOOLS GLOBAL NETWORK initiative since its inception. Under the guiding principles of “Creating Learning Opportunities” and “Making Learning Visible”, its focus is on international cooperation to enable supraregional learning experiences for students.
This school year, for example, the IGS formed a newspaper editorial team under the direction of Ms. Barnickel, who participated in global Zoom meetings in order to launch the newspaper GIB GLOBAL NEWS in collaboration with students on different continents.
Get to know the IB and the global contexts better and read what moves our students on the subject of the very first newspaper edition “Heimat”. Click here. (German language)

Bridge builder wanted!

Posted on29 May 2021

In the last two weeks, Class 2 has worked intensively on planning, designing and building bridges. The pirates not only learned what the materials and functions of bridges are, and what types of bridges exist, but also about their inventors and what makes bridges load-bearing in the first place.
This knowledge helped the pirates build their own sturdy bridge models. 14 great bridges have been created in their own children’s rooms. And since bridges also connect and we want to choose the best bridge builder, we will get help from class 1. Next week, the penguins will vote on the best bridge!

3rd IJSO round

Posted on29 May 2021

On May 21st, 2021 the students Lisa (Grade 9), Viet (Grade 7), Michael (Grade 6) and Dana (Grade 6) wrote the exam of the 3rd IJSO round. Due to the special circumstances caused by Covid-19, the exam was written at home under the online supervision of the Science teachers.
The students received the exams in sealed envelopes and were only allowed to open them under the “camera eyes” of the teachers.
We expect the results in the next few weeks. Regardless of the result, we are very proud that some of our students have made it this far in the international competition.

Englisch Epistemology – TOK / IB Programme

Posted on21 May 2021

This week, the 11th graders gave their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) presentations before the school administration, numerous teachers, and students from grades 7-10 who were attentive guests at the Zoom meeting.
The TOK course is all about strengthening the learners’ critical thinking skills. In contrast to other subjects, the focus is not primarily on acquiring new knowledge, but rather questioning existing knowledge and thinking about the nature of knowledge.
The IB students’ presentations dealt with topics such as “Can new knowledge change established values or beliefs?”, “What counts as good evidence for a claim?” And “How might the context in which knowledge is presented influence whether it is accepted or rejected?”
The lectures were of particular importance for grade 10, as they had the opportunity to gain initial insights into this interdisciplinary IB course, which they will also take from the next school year.

Research Lessons – Colloquium

Posted on21 May 2021

The research lesson (Forschungsstunde) is a preparatory course for learning academic writing which is integrated into the timetable and is intended to prepare ninth and tenth graders for the Extended Essay component of the IB Diploma Programme, as well as for the first research papers in their tertiary education.
This year, the students chose a topic from either the humanities or natural sciences and were provided with a teacher as a mentor.
The students’ first viva voce presentations on their research took place over the last two weeks. The viva voce is a scientific discussion among experts.
The first presentations consisted of an exciting mix of linguistic, biological, social, and technical topics, such as Vietnamese music, enzymes in fruit juices, sports programmes, and suffering in art.
In a 10-minute presentation, the students reported on the theoretical basics, their methodological approach and their results, to the examination members. Interesting and challenging discussions followed.
We are very excited about the upcoming viva voce next week.

Studying in Germany -Meeting DAAD

Posted on15 May 2021

On Friday, the students in Grades 9 to 11 received a virtual visit from Dr. Berndt Tilp, the Head of the DAAD Information Centre in Ho Chi Minh City and his colleague, Tran The Binh. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the direct contact in Vietnam for all questions related to studying in Germany.
In a 45-minute lecture, the students were able to gain an insight into the German Higher Education System, studying in Germany, and possible job and career opportunities in Germany. They then showed their great interest for a further period by asking far-reaching questions on the topics mentioned.
Questions raised by students could be clarified, e.g. whether it is better to study a certain course at the university or technical college, how much time is needed for procuring a student visa, and whether there are exchange programs with other European universities.
The exchange with the DAAD was a profitable opportunity for the older students of the IGS to find out about the educational opportunities available after the completion of the IB Diploma Phase.

IGS supports students with special potential

Posted on08 May 2021

Vo Thanh Tien (Michael), a pupil from the 6th grade, has shown a special interest in mathematical facts from his earliest years at IGS. This interest has been encouraged further  in the context of the school’s differentiated teaching policy.
With his particular talent, he independently solves mathematical problems in class that are usually only dealt with in higher grades. Together with his math teacher, Dirk Kehm, Michael even designs learning tasks for his classmates.
In addition to his mathematical skills, he has also developed skills in fields such as changing perspectives and communication. A particular fascination of Michael’s seems to be the topic of “sequences and rows”, which he worked on during the TET vacation together with Mr. Reisdorf which he then discussed with the 11th grade students.
In addition, Michael regularly and successfully takes part in extra-curricular math competitions. Recently, he has been recognized for his performance in the American Mathematics Olympiad. The IGS congratulates Michael on this success and looks forward to his further development with confidence.

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