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The Big U 6 Christmas Bake-off and Party

Posted on18 Dec 2021

The theme of this week in the U6 section was Christmas and Advent. Christmas is the time for contemplation, lights, family and of course the numerous sweet, tempting delicacies. But what is more convivial than feasting in happy company? The answer is baking in company. For this reason, the colleagues from the U6 area met on Tuesday and Wednesday for a joint online Christmas bakery with the parents to get everyone  in the mood for the holidays by baking delicious cookies.

The result was the sweetest variations of various traditional Christmas treats and a home made punch. The next highlight was not long in coming. The year 2021 ended with a colorful program in the U6 area. On Thursday the whole U6 area came together again and celebrated a digital Christmas party with lots of special moments and surprises, puzzles and Christmas carol that made colleagues smile. And of course the delicious punch and the homemade cookies were a must.

Back to School campus

Posted on18 Dec 2021

After a good 6 months of school closure, there was a real win-win situation on Monday, 13th of December: students, parents and teachers were happy about the reopening of the IGS. Even while the Covid-19 pandemic continues to develop in a complicated way, the reopening of schools for the 9th and 12th grades in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday was a good decision for all of us.
The pupils in Grade 12 were particularly satisfied that they were able to study and work with their teachers on campus again in order to be able to prepare as effectively and effectively as possible for the GIB exams due in May 2022.
Like the other schools, we had developed our own safety procedures, including tests for everyone involved in the days before. We passed our probationary period very well. We hope to get the green light for the general opening after the holidays.
The current decree provides for a definitive decision which will be made in the first week of January. Of course we will keep you up to date.
Many thanks to everyone who helped prepare and design these 2 weeks of offline lessons.


Virtual Presentation Lesson class 3

Posted on17 Dec 2021

The presentation lesson has been a fixed ritual in primary school for years. On the last day of school, the students from class 3 invited the Koalas from class 1 to a virtual presentation lesson to show them what they had learned in the last few weeks.
First, the students showed a choreographed dance to the song “When the sun comes down”, which they had rehearsed during their sport lessons. In addition to a lot of exercise, nutrition is also particularly important in order to stay fit. That is why Jocelyn and Khanh Ngoc clearly presented the food pyramid and the digestive process – both current topics from the specialist class.
In the end, the Koalas’ skill was still required, because under the guidance of the students in Class 3, snowflakes were made to celebrate Christmas. “I am happy that we were able to show what we have learned in such an exciting way in our specialist knowledge class. Class 1 was really interested and did a great job, ”enthused Khanh Ngoc at the end of the presentation lesson. Class 3 was already making plans to teach the koalas the dance that was performed when the school opens. We are looking forward to it!

Christmas Bakery at IGS

Posted on10 Dec 2021

“In der Weihnachtsbäckerei
Gibt es manche Leckerei
Zwischen Mehl und Milch
Macht so mancher Knilch
Eine riesengroße Kleckerei”

No matter how old or young,  everyone in Germany knows the first lines of the song “In der Weihnachtsbäckerei” by Rolf Zuckowski, a famous German musician and composer. The lyrics were translated into deeds when the students of class 3 met their class teacher, Ms. Schmidt, for an online baking afternoon in which cookies were baked together.

At the end of the class, the cookies were eaten with the whole family.
“I baked angel eyes cookies for the very first time. Now I also know how important it is to pay attention to the exact amount of ingredients.
“That was a lot of fun and they were super delicious, ”said Jocelyn happily at the end.

An afternoon in search of identity

Posted on09 Dec 2021

On December 3, 2021, the 10th and 11th grade students of the IGS got the unique opportunity to experience the moving story written by the author Phạm Minh Khuê.
The author discussed her book “Wo auch immer ihr seid” (Wherever you are), in which  the well-known scenario of Vietnamese immigrants to Germany searching for a better education is described from the perspective of a Vietnamese family. The chapters that the author presented in her reading were very emotional for many of those present with a similar past.
We were impressed by the author’s deep knowledge of both cultures, her understanding of cultural misunderstandings and, in some cases, discrimination. We can only recommend this book, which is likely to become a standard work for the IGS.

written by Grade 10

IJSO project day at the IGS

Posted on09 Dec 2021

IJSO is the abbreviation for International Junior Science Olympiad. It is a competition for students who are 15 years of age or younger and who are interested in biology, chemistry and physics. It took place for the first time in 2004 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Around 50 nations are currently taking part in the Science Olympiad on a regular basis. The IGS is participating in the IJSO for the third year now.
The first round of this competition is the task round: these are experiments that can be worked on at home or at school. This year, the IGS organized two project days for grades 6, 7 and 8, on which the students could carry out the experiments and write their observations and evaluations.
The theme of this year’s IJSO is “Hör mal!!” (Listen up!). In 4 experiments, the students investigated the phenomenon of hearing and the nature of sounds and noises. Special about this year was that the project days took place online. The students organized the required materials independently and experimented under the guidance of the teachers.
Big compliments go out to our students and thanks to you, dear parents, for the preparation and support before and during the experiment. The students had a lot of fun experimenting with their friends and learning why glasses sing, grains of salt dance and grains of corn jump.
Those who have successfully completed the first round can enter the second IJSO Quiz round and then the exam round. The fourth and final round will take place at an international venue.

Nicholas visits U6

Posted on09 Dec 2021

Another highlight has been set for the children of the U6 section this week. Previously, they had learned a lot about St. Nicholas, practiced songs and poems about him and even followed the tradition of cleaning their shoes. The efforts of the children were well worth it, because on Monday there was a huge surprise for everyone.
In House D, Santa Claus suddenly came through the door during the preschool session. The children were in awe; exceedingly happy they presented some things they had crafted. St. Nicholas knew something about every single child because he had his great book with him: of course, it was mostly good deeds.
Then he also visited the children in House G, where he was greeted by amazed children. At the end of the day, the children from House G sang a song before saying goodbye to him until next year.

Computer Science Biber Contest Winner

Posted on03 Dec 2021

Who can make it to the hidden treasure? Who can still win the sports tournament after the first matches have been played? Where do businesses need to be built to optimally supply a rural community? In the Informatik-Biber, schoolchildren deal with age-appropriate IT issues in a playful and natural way.
For the first time this year, the students in Grades 3 to 10 of the IGS were prepared for the tasks in their mathematics lessons and then took part in the competition. Even though they took part for the first time, many students were able to achieve very good results – despite the online lessons. Tim from Class 4 and Kevin from Class 8 were particularly successful.

U6 Advent Activities

Posted on03 Dec 2021

The first candle on the traditional Advent wreath was lit on Sunday. This also launched the U6 section into the pre-Christmas season. Before Santa Claus finally squeezes through the much too narrow chimney on December 24th, however, there are still so many activities, traditions and customs to celebrate around this, the best time of the year. This of course also includes a properly-packed advent calendar.
At the end of November, the U6 section created its very own Advent calendar and filled it with plenty of exciting Christmas activities. There is singing, handicrafts, baking, and theater. There is dancing, reading, and poetry. There is a little door every day, and, at the very end, out pops Santa Claus.

IB Project Day

Posted on03 Dec 2021

For the 4th time, the IGS secondary teachers prepared an exciting project day to further familiarize students with the IB learner profile and the special features, such as the Core programme, that sets the diploma programme apart. Mixed groups of grade 7 and 8 students participated in six hands-on and practical activities and used their experiential learning to reflect on the attributes that constitute a successful learner. Mr. Vale confirmed that the activities were a resounding success: “There was a level of excitement that I haven’t seen during online teaching. The students were buzzing.”
The older students of grades 9 and 10 who are on the way to starting the GIB programme have practiced important skills such as academic writing which is integral for the Extended Essay or critical thinking during the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) workshop.
Finally, they learned about the Creativity, Activity, Service component and worked on their reflection skills during group work organized by our senior students. Mr. Steier commented: “I really enjoyed how seriously the students were taking the workshops.”
We hope that the students can extensively apply what they have learned, and are looking forward to the project day next year!

Origami with Grade 4

Posted on03 Dec 2021

Over the span of the last four weeks, students of Grade 4 have been ‘origaming’ their way to success with this Japanese paper craft. Origami is a great way to enhance motor skills, introduce concepts of design thinking, build resilience, patience and foster commitment in younger students. Folding paper into different shapes to achieve an outcome takes a lot of steps and meticulous observation. The students made their own Pokemon characters, designed a boat, a flapping bird, a swan, and a vase. Way to go Grade 4!

Countrywide Reading Day

Posted on26 Nov 2021

Along with the whole of Germany, last Friday we celebrated a special Reading Day entitled “Friendship and Solidarity”!
Our students were able to take advantage of various reading challenges in different languages as well as implement their own reading activities for younger students. Our library team took this opportunity to present some ideas on online lending, including plans to launch our own Audio-Bibliothek (specially designed for U6 – elementary students) coming soon!
We want to thank all the students who took part, from the quiz designers to the audio actors, from the presenters to the translators – thank you for your help!

DSD II Grade 11

Posted on25 Nov 2021

German language diploma level 2 (DSD II) at the same time as teenagers between 16 and 18 years of age in 70 countries are doing it. The target level of the skills listening and reading comprehension and written communication are competency levels B2 and C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The test is taken by more than 80,000 students worldwide every year.
As an official language certificate from the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, it is accepted in Germany as proof of language proficiency at levels B2 / C1 for university enrollment.
We are now eagerly awaiting the results of the exams from Germany!
We would like to thank the Deutsches Haus and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany for their support in carrying out this year’s exams.

Yoga lessons in the U6 section

Posted on25 Nov 2021

Along with the whole of Germany, last Friday we celebrated a special Reading Day entitled “Friendship and Solidarity”!
Our students were able to take advantage of various reading challenges in different languages as well as implement their own reading activities for younger students. Our library team took this opportunity to present some ideas on online lending, including plans to launch our own Audio-Bibliothek (specially designed for U6 – elementary students) coming soon!
We want to thank all the students who took part, from the quiz designers to the audio actors, from the presenters to the translators – thank you for your help!

New U6 timetable

Posted on17 Nov 2021

now even more exciting activities!

The U6 section has decided to connect House D and House G even more through an innovation in the timetable. This enables the teachers to work in a more resource-oriented manner and not only improves cooperation among colleagues, but also results in an advantageous situation for the children. The children in both houses are given a wide range of opportunities in all areas of education, which is strengthened by the individual strengths of each teacher. This diversity is particularly beneficial for the acquisition of the German language. Naturally, the timetable will continue to be checked and adjusted regularly to ensure that the needs and performance levels of the children are taken into account.
Currently, all children can enjoy language games and stories with Ms. Julia, yoga with Ms. Michelle, arts and crafts with Ms. Lena and Ms. Denise and musical and rhythmic units with Ms. Kiefer. There is now also a joint end-of-the-week circle on Friday with all groups, as well as a joint morning circle for the two preschool groups. There will also be a few lessons that continue to take place within the individual groups. This allows the children to experience themselves as part of a fixed group and to get to know new things at the same time.
As with last week, we will focus on the topic of winter next week. This topic is also examined from the perspective of the respective funding unit.
However, not only the quality of individual support will increase as a result of this change. The children will now be given the opportunity to get to know all the U6 teachers equally well. This makes it easier for the younger children to move from house G to house D emotionally, and the “new” children can be integrated more easily into the group.
We are all very happy about this further development and are looking forward to getting to know the children of the other groups and welcoming them to the individual lessons.

Pedagogical Days

Posted on17 Nov 2021

What do teachers actually do on pedagogical days at school? These took place at the IGS on November 12th and 15th, 2021. During this non-teaching period, the school staff worked on planning and organising larger topics for which there is usually simply too little time in everyday school life. In addition to the planning of various project days (Awareness Week, IJSO, IB project day, Reading Day), class and specialist conferences were held to promote joint educational activities.
In the post pedagogical days reflection, school staff judged the school-wide planning time as extremely productive and profitable for the rest of the school year

IB Project day teaser

Posted on17 Nov 2021

“What’s this I hear? Another IB Day? Aw come on! It was so much fun last year!”

Every year the IB teachers spend a lot of time and energy designing activities aimed at creating awareness for the International Baccalaureate for grades 7 and up. The IB is the key which opens the great big locks on most universities world wide. It’s one of our school’s most important warranties for a future education for our students.
Although the IB day will be online this year, it will consist of a number of innovative, exciting and thought-provoking activities which will lead us in our quest to determine the elusive, the perfect, the ideal IGS Learner!

Impressionist Portraits

Posted on17 Nov 2021

Over this last term, Grade 9 have been learning about the major art movements from the 20th century- all through a series of self portraits! Starting with portrait studies inspired by the art movement called Realism, they are moving though weirder, more modern and more abstract styles as they study the timeline.
We wanted to take a moment to share some of the fantastic work they have been producing at home – good job gang!

digital patchwork St. Martin

Posted on12 Nov 2021

Our online St Martin celebrations went digital this year! Students from Klasse 3 & 4 came together to transcribe a photo of a traditional St Martins walk from Stuttgart that happened over 55 years ago! Each student took a segment of the photo and through digital painting techniques brought their ideas, marks, and patterns to each square.
The result is a colourful patchwork of styles that hopefully brings our community together – just like the traditional holiday itself.

lantern parade

Posted on12 Nov 2021

Parades, lanterns, colored lights in the dark, alarm clocks, fire, a hot cup of punch in the cold, a soldier’s coat shared, a beggar and the feeling of community – all these thoughts arise in us when we think of St. Martin’s Day (also known as Martinmas). In order to make Sankt Martin something very special this year too, the teachers organized a virtual Martin parade together with the U6 area.
On Tuesday evening, the entire staff met and moved across the campus to the Martinsfeuer (St. Martin’s fire) with self-made lanterns accompanied by singing and guitars. Afterwards there was a performance of the story of St. Martin in the warm light of the fire, and a joint conclusion of the festival in which everyone sang the song of St. Martin accompanied by the piano.

In order to be able to share the culinary highlights of St. Martin’s Day with the families at home, teachers from the U6 area met on Wednesday for a joint online baking session with their parents. The sweetest variations of the traditional ‘wake-up men’ and St. Martin’s geese were created.
St. Martin’s Day is also about the idea of “togetherness”, of being there for one another. With these thoughts in mind, the entire U6 area started the day on Martinstag with a common morning circle. As a surprise, the colleagues disguised themselves and re-enacted the story of St. Martin, who shared his coat with a freezing beggar.
The digital lantern parade was finally shown to the learners on St. Martin’s Day via zoom.

2nd round of the Math Olympiad

Posted on12 Nov 2021

School children who enjoy math and are curious about new, tricky, tasks have again taken part in the Mathematics Olympiad at the International German School, HCMC this year. In the Mathematics Olympiad, students put their math skills to the test. This competition consists of several rounds every year and those who are particularly successful even have the opportunity to meet other math fans.
This year Tim from class 4, Michael from class 7 and Kevin from class 8 mastered the first round very successfully and thus made it into the second round.
“I enjoy taking part in a lot of competitions. In this way I can compare myself with others and know where I am. That motivates me to get better ” 

Michael class 7

Lantern Making – U6

Posted on05 Nov 2021

When the St. Martin’s bonfires crackle in Germany, the children parade the streets with their colorful, hand-made lanterns. We are pleased that making lanterns with our U6 fathers has been integrated into the annual plan as a fixed tradition.
In order for this beautiful tradition to be realized this year, the U6 section prepared handicraft packages that the parents were able to pick up in advance. Together with the kindergarten teachers they crafted the lanterns during a cozy online meeting. Wonderful unique pieces were created and the anticipation for the small, virtual St-Martins-Festival in the U6 section is steadily increasing!

Parent-teacher day

Posted on05 Nov 2021

On the first parent-teacher day of the academic year, the parents had the opportunity to talk to the class and subject teachers individually about their children regarding their school performance, their behavior and other school-related topics. The purpose of the parents’ day is to provide the opportunity for parents to ask for information and get an overview of the development of their child. Of course, if necessary, further meetings could be arranged or parents could get tips on how they can optimally support their child at home.

Reading with Antolin

Posted on05 Nov 2021

The development of reading skills is a central concern of a holistic education. Reading promotes cognitive skills, improves vocabulary and the ability to concentrate. We are therefore very pleased to present the Antolin Reading Competition to you.
On the Antolin  learning platform, students in grades 2 to 7 can check their knowledge of books they have read with the help of age-appropriate quiz questions in order to collect points. In this way, the children are motivated to read by playing games. Our library offers a variety of books for all levels – both online and offline.
At the end of the school year, the students who have taken part in the competition receive a special award. We wish all participants good luck and enjoyable reading!

Autumn poems in class 3

Posted on04 Nov 2021

The autumn is here
Autumn is slowly approaching in Germany: it is getting cooler, the leaves are colored and the animals are collecting supplies for the winter, the perfect time for a little creative writing. The pupils of class 3 wrote and recorded various poem forms, such as Rondell or Elfchen about autumnal topics. At the same time, they memorized the famous poem “Der Herbst steht auf der Leiter” and recited it in class.

The IGS Meteorologists

Posted on04 Nov 2021

During the course of their specialist courses, the students in class 3 have not only intensively observed the weather in the past few weeks, built measuring instruments and learned how clouds and thunderstorms arise, but also designed their own weather maps and made appropriate presentations – just the way you want it done on television.
“That was a lot of fun. I felt like a real moderator, ”Charlie said proudly of his presentation. Meanwhile Andy thinks: “Maybe I would like to become a meteorologist one day. There you can observe and calculate a lot in the sky.”

Halloween in Villa B

Posted on30 Oct 2021

Things have been getting a little spooky this week in Villa B! Klasse 3 had a masked sing-along with Mr Armes and then joined Klasse 4 to design some sinister snacks for the holidays. After we enjoyed some ghost chocolate, powerful lollipops and x-ray doughnuts klasse 5 took part in an improvised skeleton challenge with materials found around the house.
Happy trick or treating everyone!

Class 10 Radio Advertisements

Posted on30 Oct 2021

We were given the task in Music class to write the same advert script for an imaginary product in three different languages, namely English, German and Vietnamese. These scripts were then shared within the group and each person recorded themselves in one of the three languages by matching the pace of the background music created by the group. These recordings and the background music were then edited collaboratively and presented to the class and our music teacher.

Anna, Adrian and Minh
listen to:   Schokolade      So-co-la     Chocolate

We rewrote the script twice and re-recorded the voiceover so that it could fit. Phu, Khoi and Luong voiced the advertisements in different languages. Thanks to Khoi and An, we were able to use some awesome music to go along with the advert. The final edit of the advertisement was done by Phu and Khoi, so that the music and the voiceovers fitted together, making it sound nicer.

Phu, Khoi, Luong and An
listen to:   Kaffee    Ca-phe   Coffee

Library Trivia

Posted on30 Oct 2021

This week, the students of Grade 7 and Grade 8 had the opportunity to participate in one of the school’s library activities which was called “Trivia Competition”. This activity tested students’ knowledge by answering questions in both English and German on different topics such as Science, Nature, History, Geography, Entertainment, Sports, Technology and especially, Halloween.
The students had a lot of fun competing with their classmates during the contest!

We would like to congratulate the two winners Tran Chi Dan and Tran Thuong Van on winning the Trivia rounds and thank all the participants who joined and made this interesting contest successful.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the next library activity.

Stay tuned!

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