1 Apr 2022

IB Global Conference Singapore

The 2022 IB Global Conference in Singapore was the first in-person conference since the pandemic began and combined face-to-face and virtual highlights. As this year’s overarching theme, the inspirational slogan Embracing Innovation, Inspiring Action was chosen which provided a framework for masterclasses, keynote and inspirational speakers, and topic experts in such fields as i.a. Future of Education, Post-COVID–19, Diversity and Inclusion, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and Wellness and Well-being for Students and Teachers.
The vice principal, Ms. Schaffer, and I were especially captivated by topic expert Sha-En Yeo who presented findings on Cultivating Youth Resilience in an Uncertain World and we both look forward to discussing what we encountered there with IGS teachers.

Franziska Barnickel
IB Koordinator