News from the IGS

26 Nov 2022

Student Representatives

A school lives through its students. They are the lynchpin of every educational institution. And that’s exactly why the learners of the IGS deserve to have a say and to be heard!
Therefore, the SV team is pleased to announce that the new school representatives for the school year 2022/23 have been elected and are now fixed! What is new this year is that the IGS now has an official contact person for the needs of the younger learning groups in addition to the classic dual leadership. As a result, there is now a team for years 7 to 12 and a substitute for years 1 to 6. Therefore, the SV team and also the entire college wish Minh (Class 11) and Michael (Class. 8) congratulations on being elected as school spokespersons for the older years, and Eva (Class 7) on being elected as speaker for classes 1 to 6. 
We look forward to working with you!