News from the IGS

26 Nov 2022

Primary School Olympiade

Under the direction of our movement and nature pedagogue as well as internal teacher Lukas Langer and the primary school team, a large game and sports Olympics of the primary school took place on Monday. This sporty and creative morning encouraged and challenged our Giraffes, Koalas, Penguins and Pirates in many different ways: the children were able to show their linguistic, mathematical, athletic and creative skills combined with teamwork and knowledge from science lessons in 10 different workshops. The children also learned what it means to learn and play in a team and across grade levels.
It was an all-round successful event, which ended with a ceremonial award ceremony and culminated in many smiling children’s faces. We are looking forward to repeating this great day; that’s what the children wished for, too, before they rushed to lunch, hungry – and perhaps a little exhausted – after so much sport and an eventful morning.