News from the IGS

26 Nov 2022

Visit to the Waterworks

On 11/15 Classes 5 and 7 visited the water treatment plant “Thu Duc III”. Mr. Lemac, a parent of three of our students, worked as a design engineer on the construction of the waterworks in 2016 and gave IGS the opportunity to visit.
At 1:00 p.m., two buses with the students and three teachers drove to the waterworks. After a friendly welcome from the employees and the manager of the waterworks, there was a short presentation about the history and structure of the waterworks.
The students of Classes 5 and 7 got an insight into the industrial process of water treatment. Large containers filled with chemicals, different pools with water in different stages of cleaning, filter systems and massive pumps were demonstrated to the students. Step by step, the students became aware of how the polluted river water is treated and made drinkable for consumption. In response to an interesting question from a student as to whether the tap water in Ho Chi Minh City was drinkable from the tap, Mr. Lemac indicated that the freshly treated water from the waterworks was quite drinkable.
After a two-hour tour of the waterworks, interesting questions from the students and teachers and an inspection of the individual treatment steps, the visit to the waterworks was over. Supplemented by the school’s internal preparation and follow-up, the participating students could be optimally shown where tap water comes from.