News from the IGS

28 Apr 2023


Earth Day
As the effects of climate change become more apparent every year, it’s clear that living a greener lifestyle is more important than ever. The Researchers and Discoverers in the U6 area took a very close look at the environment and our earth this week and asked themselves: what habitats are there on our earth? What is good for the environment and what is perhaps not so good for you? And what can each one of us do to make the earth happy?
From Earth Day songs to crafts, recycling projects and plant experiments, the U6 educators have come up with all sorts of ideas to teach little learners to love and respect our planet. Earth Day is the perfect time to introduce the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle to children. 
Another little highlight was getting together for ‘Coffee with Us’ on Monday. Together with 12 parents present, various topics and questions from everyday life could be discussed and clarified. 
The U6 area would like to say THANK YOU again for the great cooperation and commitment shown by the parents.