News from the IGS

28 Apr 2023

Reading Night

To celebrate World Book Day on April 23rd, we, the people responsible for the school entry program, invited the children of Class 1, the preschool children and their parents to a reading evening on the IGS campus.
Books of all kinds in German, English and Vietnamese were read out loud around a crackling campfire and in cozy reading corners. Of course, classics like “The Gruffalo” or “Pippi Longstocking” were particularly popular here.
The children were not only allowed to have these read to them by their parents or the teachers, but also by middle school students. Van, Merel and Michael were not only a great enrichment for the evening with their open and cordial natures, but also with their reading skills. A big highlight was the presentation of the story “Elmar” as Kamishibai by Michael. In terms of popularity, this could only be surpassed by the delicious popcorn, which was literally on everyone’s lips.
Many thanks from the pre-school team to you three, Van, Merel and Michael, but also to the great help from Ms. Schaffer, Mr. Wiesen, Ms. Polzin and of course all the helpers!