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5 May 2023

Chocolate Factory

Grade 5 Class Excursion to the Belvie Chocolate Factory
Guess What? Yesterday, 26th April, my class and I went to the Chocolate Factory. At first we got a hair net so germs or anything wouldn’t go in our hair or in the chocolate. Then we saw the cacao pods on the tree outside. The cacao fruit was just like the form of a star fruit but bigger. After that we went into the chocolate factory. There was a giant grinder. It separates the skin from the cacao seed and makes it smaller. We went to the place where they mix the chocolate. In there, people added powder, liquid and sugar then they mixed it and they melted it. After that they tempered it. At last we could make our own chocolate. We put the melted chocolate in the mould, added in delicious toppings and put it into the freezer for twenty minutes. It was a very fun trip!
Hoàng Lê Vi Nguyễn

In English class we were learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We went to a real factory. We saw cacao pods and tasted them. It was so bitter. We saw the whole process. After that we created our own chocolate and we also bought chocolate. I bought mango and white chocolate. It was fun!
Tim Zibo Xu