News from the IGS

26 May 2023

action day classes 9 – 11

May 8, 1945 is the day that in Germany and other European countries marks the end of World War II in Europe. The end of this war, to which so many people fell victim, is commemorated today in many European countries as part of a public holiday – but not in Germany.
So should May 8th also be a public holiday in Germany?
Pupils from Classes 9 – 11 addressed this exciting question. After a well-founded work phase on the different perspectives on the key question, the pupils went into a very fruitful discussion round.
It turned out that the majority of the students involved were in favour of introducing a public holiday.
The high point of the action day was a lecture by Ms. Wallat, who witnessed the end of the Second World War as a contemporary witness. She described her experiences in the last years of the war as well as post-war events. The students were given the opportunity to ask questions and talk to Ms. Wallat.
We would like to thank Ms. Wallat for the exciting explanations and the opportunity to gain a personal insight into these historical events.