News from the IGS

26 May 2023

Five Girls vs. Jump Arena

JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! According to studies, ten minutes of intense trampoline jumping is said to be as effective as 30 minutes of running. Therefore, the 7th-grade students on their excursion to the Jump Arena in District 7 on May 24th felt like they had run a comparatively long marathon.
While the accompanying teachers needed their first break after only a few minutes, the five girls were tireless. They not only hopped extensively on various types of trampolines but also more or less skillfully mastered the obstacle course available on-site. After an hour that felt like five, the girls were at least a little exhausted.
The fun and, above all, sporty outing concluded with a well-deserved bubble tea to replenish their caloric balance, at least to some extent.