News from the IGS

28 May 2023

Children of the world

The way we live reveals a lot about our culture, our needs and habits. That’s why it’s particularly exciting for children to discover how other children live – the children from the day care centre, but maybe also the children who live in completely different parts of the world. There is something magical about inspiring wonder and curiosity in young learners by exploring other cultures in the classroom. Most preschoolers probably know their family, street, school, and other places in the city, but not much about other traditions and ways of life. But since so many different cultures come together in the IGS, the preschool group took advantage of this this week to learn more about the children of our world.
After the group got to know the continents together, the children thought about questions that they are passionate about about other cultures and traditions. Their deep interest in different cultures and traditions led to an interview. With the incredible support of parents and teachers, this interview offered valuable glimpses into the lives of children from all around the world.