DSD-1 Prüfung an der IGS HCMC
29 May 2020

DSD 1: Successful speaking exams at the IGS

Once again this year, students from grades 7, 8, and 9 had to demonstrate their language skills at the German Language Diploma DSD 1. On Tuesday, the learners have already been tested in the skills of listening, reading, and writing and on Thursday they took their speaking exams in front of a panel of examiners. Once again, the IGS DaF department was thrilled by the wide range of topics: from “The history of chess” to the question “Can bicycles be the main means of transport of the future?” even with the addition of a musical component “Đen Vâu – From toilet cleaner to successful rapper”, the students showed their language skills. We are pleased to announce that all of the candidates who are taking the DSD I exams have passed their speaking exams. Now we will have to wait until the examination results from the other three skills will return from Germany where they are assessed by official DSD I examiners.

Kathrin Schmidt
German as a foreign language teacher
DSD I Examiner