News from the IGS

12 Apr 2024

Soccer game IGS vs. AA ISHCMC

“Only a few minutes left to play. An outstanding pass from captain Minh to winger An, who has the free opportunity to shoot. The ball flies towards the goal, but the goalkeeper parries!” Unfortunately, despite strong combinations from our IGS Selection last Wednesday, there was no getting past him or the defense, and so the game ended with a narrow 0-1 defeat. 
However, the result was rather irrelevant. The first game against our neighboring school, the American Academy, should pave the way for further competitions between our two schools. The sporting departments hope that we will not only play more football games against each other in the future, but also compete in other sports. This is a great way to strengthen the connection between our schools, but also to promote relationships between students. 
We are looking forward to it!