News from the IGS

17 Nov 2023

Small Thinkers: Big Questions

The fourth grade explores the world of philosophy

The fourth grade students have embarked on an exciting journey into the world of philosophy. Instead of just learning facts from books, they explored deep questions that would make even adults think. “What is friendship?” and “What is time?” were just some of the fascinating questions they asked themselves.
The class not only talked about it, but also dealt with the topics creatively. Each child wrote down their own thoughts on these philosophical questions on colorful paper and then designed these works of art with great attention to detail. The children’s creativity is reflected not only in their colorful works, but also in their imaginative ideas and discussions with each other.
Ms. Menzel and Ms. Noll not only encouraged the children to express their thoughts, but also taught them to listen to each other and respect opposing opinions. The experience not only helped the children understand philosophical concepts, but also to formulate and share their own thoughts with others. These social skills are invaluable not only for their academic development but also for their personal development.
Fourth grade proved that philosophy isn’t just for adults. Through their curiosity and creative approaches, they have shown that children are also capable of asking and thinking about deep questions. IGS is proud to have such an engaged and curious group of students, ready to look at the world with open eyes and tackle life’s big questions.