News from the IGS

18 Nov 2023

IB Project Day

Traditionally, our International Baccalaureate (IB) project day takes place in the first half of each school year, during which students in classes 7 to 10 are introduced to the IB upper level in classes 11 and 12.
Last Tuesday, students in classes 9 and 10 were given an insight into the format of the IB upper level. The focus was on the IB grading scale, requirements for obtaining the IB diploma and for recognition as a mixed-language IB (GIB), elective and compulsory courses. Particularly noteworthy are the short presentations prepared by the students in classes 11 and 12, which provided a first impression of the new modules “Epistemology (TOK)”, “Comprehensive Essay (EE)” or “CAS”, but also about the options and courses online and offered strategies for sensible time planning for upcoming tasks.
Meanwhile, Classes 7 and 8 received a student-focused and activating introduction to the IB learner profile, which describes the IB student: characteristics which are labelled as questioning, thinking, knowing, communicative, principled, risk-taking, unprejudiced, caring, balanced and reflective.
Classes 7 to 10 then had the opportunity to test out some of these IB learner profile characteristics together in various workshops and games. It was obvious that the students were committed and had fun and we hope that this has aroused their anticipation for the IB upper level.