News from the IGS

30 Nov 2022

Reading Kimberly Nguyen

Reading “Here I am – Burn me” by Kimberly Nguyen

Contemporary poetry isn’t for everyone, especially on a Friday night. So it’s all the nicer that so many interested people turned up for Kimberly Nguyen’s reading on November 25th, 2022. There was a good mix of students, interns, teachers and parents.
What Ms. Nguyen reported about her life was also impressive: born as a Vietnamese in Nebraska, she grew up as the only Asian in an all-American environment.
In her poems she deals with her family history, being a stranger between two cultures, but also her lovesickness.
Those present could listen to both her poetic sentences and her anecdotes. Ms. Nguyen reported very authentically and was able to inspire the audience. During the subsequent joint exchange, the questions hardly seemed to end.
We hope Ms. Nguyen will visit us again for a second reading!