News from the IGS

1 Dec 2022

IB Project Day

The IB Project Day is now an integral part of the annual planning at the IGS. The aim is to prepare the students for the IB program in Classes 11 and 12.
On the one hand, this is done specifically for the learners in Classes 9 and 10 by being informed by the IB coordinator, Mr. Reisdorf, about the IB degree and possible course choices at the IGS: on the other hand, the IB students in Classes 11 and 12 present aspects of the IB that they consider particularly important and are available for questions. In this way, our future IB learners can benefit from the experiences of current IB students.
Furthermore, students in Classes 7 to 10 were able to work on the characteristics of IB learners in six workshops based on the qualities of the IB Student Profile; questioning, knowing, thinking, communicative, principled, non-judgmental, caring, risk-taking, balanced and reflective. The IB learner profile is an integral part of everyday teaching at the IGS on this day, but is particularly emphasized because it is of particular importance for achieving the IB diploma.
Our IB students also used the day to complete their work on the IB project in science. As part of this project, the students developed and built a Rube Goldberg machine together and presented it to their classmates at the end of the IB day.
The students summed up the day as hard work and instructive, but also as interesting and stimulating. We are already looking forward to the next IB Project Day and new high school students in the coming school year!