News from the IGS

18 Feb 2023


On February 11, 2023, Class 11 and 12 (and some members of Class 10) returned to the Suoi Sao Orphanage to continue our charity work. This is part of our year-long Service project of the CAS program (A compulsory program that sees students performing various activities in the fields of creativity, activity and service that aims to develop a holistic learning-/lifestyle for students.) Charity is a continuous process and requires regular attention. We wanted to continue this work, as well as to visit the friends we had made there before Christmas.
Upon our arrival, the sisters greeted us warmly at the door. The children were very excited to see us. They ran around and played with us, this time  a bit more confident than last time. Though at first, we had to work and bring in the generous donations indoors, we did not hesitate to immediately join in the fun afterwards. A spark of friendship had been rekindled between the IGS students and the children at the Suoi Sao orphanage.
However, it was not only students and parents who helped with donations. The IGS had donated gingerbread houses, Lebkuchen Allerlei and other Christmas baked goods to the orphanage. Though it was a small gift, it made the children very happy. We hope that the school as a whole will continue working towards helping Suoi Sao!
We would also like to thank Class 12 for donating the sum of money they had made on the Christmas market selling baked goods to the orphanage, as well as the Tillsner group for their fundraising action. Their kindness and action meant a lot!