News from the IGS

22 Feb 2023

Carnival at U6

What was going on in the U6 area on Monday? No sign of the children. Pirates, princesses, bears and dinosaurs cavorted in the groups. That can only mean one thing: it’s carnival season in Germany and it’s a very special time of year for children.
You slip into other people’s roles and enjoy the hustle and bustle to the fullest. When else are you allowed to throw confetti around and wear creative costumes? A celebration of Carnival, Fastnacht or Mardi Gras is therefore almost mandatory – and of course this also applies to Researchers and Discoverers. Great carnival games, balloons and of course exciting costumes, celebrating together was a great pleasure for everyone involved and a nice change from everyday life. 
The carnival party, allowing the children to slip into new roles and playing with the costumes, encourages self-confidence and imagination and of course the “fifth season” is just a lot of fun. The focus of the celebrations were familiar games and activities such as the trip to Jerusalem, which put a smile on the faces of all the children.
There are many regional differences in the carnival celebrations in Germany: Carnival or Fasching? Hey or Alaaf? However, everyone agrees on one point: the festive season includes pastries made from yeast dough, fried in fat and filled with jam. Whether donuts, pancakes or donuts, the sweet delicacy is simply part of the foolish time. And the Researchers and Discoverers could also enjoy the sugary yeast balls on Monday.