News from the IGS

1 Jul 2023

Lecture day

On 06/29 A series of lectures for classes 7 to 11 took place. In addition to lecturers from the Vietnamese-German-University (VGU) and the Fulbright University Vietnam, natural scientists from Germany were invited via Zoom to give lectures on current topics in the natural sciences and humanities.
The students of classes 7 and 8 were able to get a first insight into the program “Midjourney”, which can generate images as artificial intelligence. This allowed the students to let their imagination run wild. Furthermore, the history of the English Language and the influence of the emergence of language on the development of mankind, as well as exciting experiments in chemistry were presented to them.
Current content of genetic and cancer research as well as insights into the “Quantum Revolution” and “free art” complemented the program for Classes 9 – 11.
The aim of this series of lectures was to give the students an insight into exciting topics and to give them a foretaste of a day in a university context.