News from the IGS

2 Jul 2023

IGS Sports Day 2023

The annual sports day took place on Tuesday 27 June. And this year was a special one – after all, it’s the 10th anniversary of our school. So, the highlight of the day was a football game between the teachers and a selection of the students. But let’s start at the beginning.
While the children from the U6 area and the elementary school stayed on the IGS campus, the secondary school classes went to an external sports field. The students were divided into eight teams across classes and could compete against each other in six different activities – including dodgeball and fireball. The winning team was not only honored with a specially created trophy, but also with the brand new IGS drinking bottles. 
At the end, the already-mentioned football game “teachers vs. students” was on the program. It was a heated battle in which the team of teachers, despite a hard fight, ultimately had to admit defeat 3:6. The students had reason to celebrate and returned to school satisfied, but also visibly exhausted. An all-round successful sports day came to an end.