News from the IGS

18 Apr 2024

Gardening in the Primary

Last Friday, the primary school pupils went on an exciting trip to Rosemary Hill Farm. Once there, the students explored the farm and the task areas in two groups. 
While one group enjoyed a tour of the farm and picked vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, chilies and eggplants, the second group had the opportunity to show off their green fingers. They were given materials to plant their own vegetable crops. 
Then, each group had a chance to do what the other had done by exchanging places so that all children could enjoy and experience all aspects of the trip. Of course, a break was also an important requirement, during which the children were given fresh juice and could fortify themselves with a delicious snack before continuing to explore the farm.
It was an excellent opportunity for our students to experience nature, learn about new things and deepen their connection to the environment.