News from the IGS

25 Sep 2021

Webinars for parents (U6)

From 20.09. – 23.09.2021 the parents’ evenings took place in the U6 section in the form of a webinar series on various topics. This enabled a lively exchange with the participating parents, who directed many interesting questions to the educators. There were also further ideas and suggestions for the ongoing course of home-based learning. Both our new Head of School, Mr. Schopp, and our new colleagues, were able to introduce themselves to the parents in real time.
One of the main focus points of the webinars was the topic of “language acquisition”, on which parents were provided information about the language support methods being employed, namely KIKUS, Flex & Flora, and the Marburg language screening. Parents were also given insights into the educational work being done. Another highlight was the topic “Support at Home”, which is particularly important for many parents at the moment.

We thank all participating parents for the lively exchange!