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Besuch in der Schokoladenfabrik IGS HCMC
27 Mar 2021

Visiting a Chocolate Factory

On reading Roald Dahl’s novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, students are usually taken to a chocolate factory to experience how chocolate is made. There is a growing trend to create artisanal chocolate in Vietnam at the moment and the factory, Belvie Chocolate, is a particularly good example. It is run by the charismatic Marc Vanborren, a Belgian chocolatier. The children felt drawn by his charisma and, consequently, they enjoyed their experience.
What follows is an account of the trip written by one of the students.

The Great Trip
On Wednesday I went to the chocolate factory with my class. We learn something about the cocoa tree. The factory owner, Marc, gave us the cocoa beans to taste. They were delicious, but very bitter. We learned how the cocoa beans are roasted and how the cocoa becomes liquid.

Then we went to the refrigerator room. I was in heaven because it was nice and cold and there was chocolate everywhere. Four students made their own dark chocolate, the others made white chocolate. That was a great trip. (Hanuel, Grade 5, first year of learning German)