News from the IGS

21 Apr 2023

Visit of the SBH

We had a visit from Germany this week from Ms. Silvana Bluhm and Mr. Dirk Thormann. Both names are not unfamiliar to the IGS: Ms. Bluhm is the Deputy Chair of our school sponsor, the Foundation for Education & Crafts, and Mr. Thormann was the principal of the IGS from 2015-2021.
Both were in Ho Chi Minh City for a week and attended numerous  meetings, both with IGS staff and with Vietnamese authorities.
They were both impressed by the convivial work atmosphere at the school.
“The IGS is a centrepiece of German life in the midst of Vietnamese culture, where we felt at home. It was a wonderful insight into the togetherness at the IGS!” (Silvana Bluhm)