News from the IGS

17 Dec 2021

Virtual Presentation Lesson class 3

The presentation lesson has been a fixed ritual in primary school for years. On the last day of school, the students from class 3 invited the Koalas from class 1 to a virtual presentation lesson to show them what they had learned in the last few weeks.
First, the students showed a choreographed dance to the song “When the sun comes down”, which they had rehearsed during their sport lessons. In addition to a lot of exercise, nutrition is also particularly important in order to stay fit. That is why Jocelyn and Khanh Ngoc clearly presented the food pyramid and the digestive process – both current topics from the specialist class.
In the end, the Koalas’ skill was still required, because under the guidance of the students in Class 3, snowflakes were made to celebrate Christmas. “I am happy that we were able to show what we have learned in such an exciting way in our specialist knowledge class. Class 1 was really interested and did a great job, ”enthused Khanh Ngoc at the end of the presentation lesson. Class 3 was already making plans to teach the koalas the dance that was performed when the school opens. We are looking forward to it!