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17 Jun 2022

TOK Exhibition Grade 11

What is the TOK exhibition?
The TOK exhibition is an examination in the IB core subject Theory of Knowledge, which counts one third of the total score. The goal is to study how TOK manifests itself in our real world.
For the TOK exhibition we have to choose three objects and examine them with regard to one guiding question. Objects can be different things like a book, a song, a statue and so on.
There are various optional themes in TOK, including Knowledge and Technology, Culture, Religion, Language and Indigenous Societies. We were allowed to choose one of them so that our elaboration is a little more specific.

Goal of the TOK exhibition
In contrast to many other subjects, TOK is not about finding a single answer or finding the right answer. In fact, there are no right or wrong answers here. Rather, it is about the evaluation and critical reflection of knowledge and about thinking about knowledge.
The questions we have explored this year are: ‘How do we know if current knowledge is an advance in relation to past knowledge?”; “How are personal experience, knowledge and language related?’’ and “What is the relationship between knowledge and culture?’’

Grade 11