News from the IGS

19 May 2022

The Scary Schusch

The animals on the Doggelspitz have received the news that the Scary Schusch will move up to their place up on the hill, as it has become too warm for him in the valley. To make matters worse, the animals have received an invitation from the Scary Schusch to his housewarming party!

The animals of the Doggelspitz are very excited! The Schusch is said to be as big as a Coke vending machine; he is said to steal eggs, and his favourite dish is roast rabbit. For the animals it is clear –  he should not be allowed to live here and no one is to go to the housewarming party! The party rabbit, however, who wants to give the Schusch a chance, disregards the advice of his friends and accepts the invitation.
Class 1 presented the story of The Scary Schusch, which tells of prejudice, but also of the courage to overcome them and give everyone a chance, in a rehearsed play. During the weekly theatre workshop, students created costumes, designed invitations and built props together with their class teacher, Mr Foxius, and rehearsed diligently for the performance.  In art class, with the help of Ms Quynh Anh and Mr Wayman, the set was created.

Last Monday, the time had come: the pupils of class 1 presented their play to the proud parents, grandparents and teachers. The audience was thrilled by the acting skills, the costumes and the excellent command of lines by the pupils.
Afterwards, pupils, parents, grandparents and teachers met for a pleasant exchange over coffee and cake.