News from the IGS

6 Feb 2023

The class trip of the 6th class

On Monday, January 30th, 2023, we left our school early in the morning for our speedboat dock. Everyone was very excited when we saw the boat in front of us because most of us have never been on a boat before. The cruise on the Saigon and Long Tau rivers was easy, but there were some waves as we approached the sea.
After 2 hours we arrived in Vung Tau. We took the cable car to Ho May Park where our hotel is located. Then we got our rooms. We had already identified who was in a room with whom before the school trip. The rooms were basic but big enough for 5 people. Our rooms were on the ground floor. Directly behind our room is an area with many wild plants and trees. Many animals live there, such as snakes and bees. After getting our room we had lunch. It was very simple Vietnamese food with meat, vegetables, soup, fruit and rice. I personally liked it.
In the three days we had a lot of free time and did a lot of things together. We could enjoy swimming, water features with great music, bumper car, family roller coaster ride, grass slide, alpine coaster, fall town ride. In the park we were able to watch and feed many animals. Of course we didn’t just have free time: we also had to do a lot of project work on various topics.
After three wonderful days we had to go back to school. I found it a pity that time passed so quickly in Ho May. It was a nice experience spending time with my class. We were a really great team.
Anna Dam