News from the IGS

17 Sep 2022

The Antolin Reading Competition

The Antolin Reading Competition is back!
Another school year and another journey around the sun is just about to begin.
Antolin is a website for the kids to access reading books online and answering quizzes about what they have read. There are lots of German books and stories that are available for the kids to choose and read through on this website.
Every kid will have their own username & password to log into the system. They can read the books online in their free time, at home, or during the library hours at school.
This year, we will run this online reading competition for the kids from Class 2 to Class 6 and it will start from the middle of September 2022 to the end of June 2023.
As usual, at the end of every school year, we will have some awards for our students’ best reading performances and those with the highest points in reading.
We are looking forward to it!