News from the IGS

8 Mar 2023


“The world opens up to the child through movement. Step by step it takes possession of her. With the help of bodily and sensory experiences, it forms concepts: in acting it gets to know and understand causes and interrelationships”
 Renate Zimmer

In this context, the daring and fearless explorers held their first sports lesson together on Monday in cooperation with the third graders from the elementary school.
The explorers were warmly welcomed by the students and their teacher Mr. Tietz. As soon as the water bottles were put down, it started!
Together with one of the students, the explorers were allowed to stand in a hoop and the children became little birds who had to exchange their nests by speaking or nodding at their counterparts with flight movements.
Afterwards, Mr. Tietz wanted to know from the explorers which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy. Healthy foods were assigned a white cone and unhealthy ones a red one. The U6 area is very happy to be able to integrate into the sports lessons with the Primary students.