News from the IGS

23 Sep 2023


Can you combine poetry and epic poetry in one evening?
On Wednesday, September 20th Two authors from the USA visited us: Kimberly Nguyen and Carolyn Huynh. Both women have Vietnamese roots and decided against the easy path and chose seemingly “unsafe” careers.
But we were taught better.
As independent artists, both have managed to publish their works. Kimberly Nguyen read from her poetry book, Here I am – burn me and Carolyn Huynh from her novel The Fortunes of Jaded Women. The audience loved the relaxed atmosphere and questions were eagerly asked. The students in Classes 9 to 12 were interested in both the creative writing process and the academic career of an author.
We are very pleased that we were able to welcome Ms. Nguyen to the IGS for the second time and hope that we can organize a literary evening again next year.