News from the IGS

16 Mar 2024

Open day

The Saturday of last weekend was dedicated to the “Open Day” at the IGS.
In the morning, the U6 area and the primary school opened their doors and welcomed interested parents for an informative tour, while activities for the little ones were offered in the forum. 

The students of the student council not only provided a sweet treat with their waffle stand, but also donated the proceeds to a good cause.

In the afternoon, it was time for the secondary level. They presented themselves for the first time during the Open Day as part of the Night of Science, where teachers, as well as cooperation partners of the IGS and external experts, delighted the guests with lectures, workshops, and hands-on experiments.
Visitors of all ages had the opportunity to gain insights into the scientific methods of the STEM subjects at the IGS throughout the event by being introduced to microscopy, determining the pH value of various ingredients in the laboratory, or exploring the beauty of mathematics. Additionally, the Language, Art, and Music Departments opened their doors to showcase the uniqueness of the IGS.

On the main stage, an interesting experiment show was held every hour, which combined the history of alchemy with modern chemistry, causing amazement and enthusiasm among the audience, just before the visitors had the opportunity to participate in lectures and workshops.

As the IGS sees itself as a progressive school with a focus on the STEM field, experts on topics relevant to research and development were invited. For instance, Dr. Klein from the Vietnamese-German University led a lecture and workshop on “Semiconductor and Microchips,” where participants had the opportunity to program and test their own microchips on-site.

The IGS is also very pleased that NFQ Asia participated in the Night of Science and provided visitors with insights into the possibilities and challenges of the currently rapid AI developments.

During the concluding panel discussion with students, teachers, and parents, significant aspects were discussed, encouraging the audience to contemplate the topics and actively participate. Mr. Lars Jankowfsky (Founder of NFQ) emphasized the successful approach of the IGS and its concept of “Digital Citizenship.” He highlighted that taking responsibility in dealing with artificial intelligence (AI) will be of increasing societal relevance in the future.
The IGS would like to thank all participants of this year’s Night of Science.