News from the IGS

3 Apr 2023

MODEL TEETH – Class 1 and Preschool

Last week, we had the preschool visit us in our science class. The preschoolers got to see what 1st grade classes are like. We just had the topic of teeth in science and wanted to finish this topic by making our own baby dentures. The pupils were allowed to work together to knead a model of human gums out of salt dough and were told to make sure they incorporated all the teeth (made of various-shaped nuts) they needed. They made sure they included incisors, canines and molars and all in the correct order. Afterwards, all the dentures were examined and it was carefully checked whether all the teeth were present. The class 1 students acted as mentors and role models for the preschoolers, who were able to gain a little insight into the subject of science.
Now that the dentures have hardened, all the children can take their dentures home with them.