News from the IGS

12 May 2022

Laboratory Practicals in Class 10 as Preparation for IB

An important component of the final grade of the GIB are the internal assessments, which must be done in all of the six chosen subjects as well as TOK. The Internal Assessment (IA) is a process in which teachers assess student performance based on their achieved results measured against IB standards. In the natural science subjects Biology, Chemistry and Physics, the students have to carry out an experiment by themselves and then write a report about it. This specific IA must be between 1500 and 2250 words.
In order to gain experience in advance, the school gives the students of Class 10 the opportunity to do a laboratory practical in which one of three of those subjects has been selected. The laboratory practical takes place in 18 lessons, in which the students are supported by the teacher who acts in an advisory capacity in order to carry out experiments and write reports.
In Biology, students can choose from the topics of alcoholic fermentation and the study of yeast fungi, chemical kinetics for Chemistry, and a kinematics experiment with air cushion discs from the 3D printer for Physics.
The laboratory practical is a great opportunity that the school provides for students to optimally prepare for the GIB.

We, the 10th class, are very excited about participating in this experience.