News from the IGS

20 Mar 2021

IB Jobalike for Language Acquisition Teachers

On Friday, March 19 2021, IGS invited Diploma Programme language acquisition teachers of the regional IB network Vietnam/Laos/Myanmar/Cambodia (VLMC) to participate in a “jobalike” event. Jobalikes give teachers of the same subject group the opportunity to connect and share expertise to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, improve moderation of student work, and exchange resources.
Language B and ab initio teachers from 19 IB schools took part in a blended event joining either in person or via Zoom. In break-out sessions according to the languages English, French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish teachers discussed challenging topics, planned collaboratively as well as standardising assessment.
Additionally, many new professional relationships were formed which will benefit teachers long after the jobalike is over.
The feedback of the delegates about the event was very positive and many agreed that, in times of limited travel for professional development, more opportunities to collaborate across schools are needed.

Franziska Barnickel
IB Coordinator