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28 Feb 2023

Heart dissection in Class 8 Biology Course

Last Thursday our Class 8 did an exciting heart dissection. But why did we do this?
Our biology teacher wanted to introduce us to the structure and function of the human heart. During the dissection, we were able to take a closer look at the various components of the heart, such as heart chambers, valves and arteries.
Before the dissection, we were given lab coats and gloves at the beginning of the lesson. Then our biology teacher started giving each group a heart, which we cut open and prepared under supervision. For example, we examined the atria and ventricles and found the differences in the thickness of the heart walls.
Through this practical experience, we have not only deepened our knowledge, but also learned to work with precise instruments and to use the right technique.
I personally found the heart dissection very exciting and interesting. I had previously expected it to be an exciting experience, but I was surprised at the level of detail we had to work to properly dissect the heart.
Overall it was a great opportunity to put into practice what I learned in class and I think the heart dissection gave me a better understanding of the structure and function of a heart. I am curious to see which practical experiments we will have to face in future biology lessons.
Hieu, Class 8