News from the IGS

9 Feb 2023

FNU in the U6 area

Young children are naturally curious. The educators are therefore usually bombarded by numerous questions about how things work and why they happen. Young learners are naturally curious about the world around them. This natural curiosity drives them to explore and investigate, and it is the most important reason they learn.
I was even happier this week in the U6 area that FNU (formerly science lessons) can finally be offered weekly again. That’s why things got underway in House G on Monday: The explorers marveled at the effect of heat and cold on the very simple example of how water can change.
Science is an extension of the child’s everyday world. Science encourages and teaches children to discover and wonder about everything in the world around them. As children experiment and talk about what they are doing and what they have discovered, they expand their oral expression in a fun way. Having to experiment and record their investigations gives children an understanding of their world.
The U6 area is looking forward to many more great experiments and is happy to be able to firmly integrate FNU back into the curriculum.