News from the IGS

12 May 2023

Family day

Things got very mysterious in the U6 area this week. Entering the homes of Researchers and Explorers, you would see them busily painting jars and baking cookies. That can only be for Mother’s Day on May 14th. Faust once said: “A mother’s influence on the lives of her children is immeasurable.” For young children, their mother is their first friend, breadwinner, teacher and more. Mothers play an infinite number of roles in children’s lives, none of which should be taken for granted.
That’s what we’re celebrating on this beautiful Mother’s Day. The whole week focused on family. Starting with a large family circle, where many mums and dads visited the U6 area and introduced the families to us together with their children. There were many great stories and creative activities throughout the week, but the most important people remained the moms.
Dear moms, the children and teachers of the U6 area wish you a happy Mother’s Day!