News from the IGS

3 Jul 2021

online safari

“On Wednesday, 30 June 2021, Class 4 went on an online Safari with WildEarth. The class saw lions feeding on the carcass of a dead buffalo, some feeding impala, a herd of zebra interacting with some Cape buffalo.
The class had studied African plains wildlife before the time. Here are some class comments.
Cecilia says she learned that lions lick the bones of their prey to get at the meat stuck to the bones.
Ken said he learned that a lion uses the dead body of his prey as a pillow.
Sandra said she knew that lions have spikes on their teeth to lick meat off the bones. She also did not know that flies get confused when they land on zebras because of their stripes.
Jaden noticed that the lions immediately went for a nap after they ate food – he saw them lying on their backs under the tree.
Chu-Khang did not know that zebra and buffalo do not like to stay together.
Owen said that he thought buffalo hordes were bigger.
Tung Quan learned about new animals – he thinks that’s cool.”