News from the IGS

18 Jun 2022

Grade 4 visits the School Science Lab

Towards the end of primary school, Class 4 is traditionally invited to the secondary school laboratory, where they can get a taste of science in action. Fortunately, the visit could take place again this year, and the children of the Zebra Class became very curious and excited about what awaits them in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the future.
For this purpose, the students of Class 9 had prepared and presented experiments in the laboratory. Here, for example, the primary school students could observe how a beverage can implode when the temperature changes, investigate how dry ice melts, see how “elephant toothpaste” spreads, and finally find out what it feels like to touch a non-Newtonian fluid.
The children in Class 4 were very enthusiastic about this introduction to science and are very much looking forward to the orientation stage (IGS Classes 5 and 6) of their school careers.